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26 Super Easy Ways to Show Your Kids Love

      1. Make eye contact, even little kids can see what your thinking, how you feel through your eyes
      2. Let them jump on your bed
      3. Say wow and truly be amazed by a story they tell
      4. Give lots of hugs everyday
      5. Say I love you every night
      6. Say I love you every morning
      7. Turn off your phone, tablet, computer and give them your full attention
      8. Go for a walk and see the world through their eyes
      9. Hold up in their bedroom and play with their toys, be silly
      10. Teach your child deep breathing, it is a great skill that will come in handy now and in their adult lives when dealing with stress
      11. Don’t just give them everything they want, teach them the value of everything
      12. Don’t be afraid to say no
      13. Help them explore what they love and find their passion
      14. You can never spoil and child with too many cuddles
      15. Celebrate all achievements, no matter how insignificant they are to you, you’ll be building self-confidence in them for the future
      16. Don’t be afraid to get messy in the kitchen or with paintings
      17. Like Men in Black, wipe your memory everyday. Whatever craziness happened yesterday, forget it. Today is a new day, love your children through new eyes
      18. Remind them how lucky you feel to have them as your child
      19. Make your child laugh, the great thing is that you’ll feel great too
      20. Do what they want to do once in awhile
      21. Don’t ever let your child have to say your name to get get your attention more than 2 times
      22. Play board games, card games or puzzles
      23. When you play a game, let them win
      24. Frame their art work
      25. Keep their homework
      26. Dance together

Board games, though not always played by the rules are always fun

 I’d love to hear how you make sure your child feels love every single day?

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I’m looking forward to sharing our Happy Family Project with you, and I hope it inspires you to define your family’s happiness too.

Throw Back Thursday: Good Times at the High Line #TBT

Here I am ascending the steps to The High Line in May 2012…I’m looking pretty slim if I do say so myself :) The High Line is one of my favorite outdoor spaces in New York – the views, the food, the green space and the art!  One of the best parts is definitely the art, often quirky and ever changing you have to check out the billboards with your kids.

Ascending the High Line via West 15th Street

For a Map of the art installations and billboards that dot The High Line, check out The High Line Art Map.

Grumpy boy and Grumpy Lilliput Sculpture at the High Line


Is It really Mid January?

No socks and iced coffee in mid-january

Hello lovely readers! It has been awhile since I have written and I miss you all! With the holidays things got super busy and add to that a dreaded tummy bug that did the rounds in our house. We then had the pleasure of bringing this superbug up North to my parents in Canada and spreading it to them as an extra Christmas present. 

Free Lion King Exhibit, Brooklyn Santa, and Kids Club Thirteen Holiday Picks

There is so much on at the moment that I really have to pace myself and the kids if we are to make it to Christmas in one piece! Little Miss is a little under the weather, but I’m hoping that this weekend she will kick whatever she is fighting. Meanwhile Mr 5 woke on Thursday pretty much on fire – well, he had a high fever. We got him settled and today he was a little lacklustre, but overall seemingly lots better.

Without further ado, here are a few awesome things you can do in Brooklyn and Manhattan this weekend and beyond in December.

Over the past 15 years 65 million people have experienced the Lion King on Broadway and to celebrate they have opened a free interactive exhibit Inside the Lion King at 42nd & 6th Avenue (across from Bryant Park). The exhibit runs from 10am – 8pm daily til December 16.

Run Like a Princess in 2013 at These Races

As the weather turns somewhat wintery, I can’t help but hang out and dream about warmer temps ahead. Granted, those warmer days are many months away, but hey it never hurts to dream a little dream. As I look ahead to 2013, two of the sunniest parts of the year I am dreaming of are our trip to Orlando in September and running in warm weather again. Well, when you combine the two it makes me think of Disney’s races – unfortunately I will not be in Orlando at the time of any 2013 races. One day, one day I’d like to run like a true princess at Disney!

In the meantime, I’ve compiled a list of US races that are fit for a princess.

Twitter Party! Holiday Fashion Legwear with Duane Reade #DRLegwear

If you live in New York, surely you have noticed the transformation that Duane Reade has undergone in the last year with elegant LOOK Boutiques now brightening up their flagship stores. Your local Duane Reade is fast becoming a girl’s best friend thanks to not only LOOK Boutiques but also their new Duane Reade branded legwear! Yes, you heard right, this iconic shop now also carries tights, pantyhose, leggings – fishnets, jeggings, chevron patterns, trouser socks and so much more.