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Delicious DIY Microwave Snack Recipes

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It’s been nearly 20 months since our family last owned a microwave. My nearly 21 month old daughter has never seen one in action at our house and marvels every time we are visiting someone or stay in a hotel where there is a microwave. We didn’t stop using one on purpose, it just happened. In fact, there was a super long stretch back in 2004-2006 while we were doing renovations on our first home in New Zealand that we only had a microwave and stove top in our kitchen. Like much of the planning around that kitchen, we hadn’t properly budgeted for plumbing in the gas, and as time went on an oven became less and less important. Go figure, but we figured out lots of ways to cook lots of healthy meals in a microwave.

Non-Toxic DIY Fingerpaint in 5 Minutes or Less

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I was so excited to have made our own bright and colorful fingerpaints using only yogurt and food coloring. It takes no time at all, and this DIY alternative to store bought fingerpaints is cost effective and quick to make. Plus its always great to be able to make the colors and quantities that you want. My Little Miss has just entered into one of those growth spurt periods where suddenly she is learning and exploring at an exponential rate. With this growth, Mama needs to come up with new ways for her to experience the world around her. I thought back to what Mr P liked when he was this age, around 20 months and my mind went to tactile activities like fingerpaint and play-doh.

Greek Yogurt Covered Strawberry Nuggets

Preparing strawberries for freezing

We’ve had a crazy stop start to spring here with memorial day weekend being positively cold. A couple of weekends ago the thermometer soared from mid 50’s to high 80’s in one day! My family loves strawberries. all. the. time! And when it’s that hot, I can add them to just about anything. I put them in cold teas, fruit salads, green salads and just pop ’em by the handful.

From little Miss to Mr BAM, we all love them. I thought how can we combine strawberries with Greek Yogurt from Cabot Creamery and this is what we came up with! Super simple, healthy, super easy and everyone looooves them.

Check out How to Make Greek Yogurt Covered Strawberry Nuggets by Ghada Vanderpool on Snapguide.

I received money saving coupons from Cabot as a thank you for entering a contest, which inspired me to create these little nuggets one day!


Easy Recipe for Lemonade Strawberry Shortcake Push Pops

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Did you know that June 14th is National Strawberry Shortcake Day? Well it is! I decided to try my hand at a different and easy twist on an old fave to get you in the mood for the holiday. Not only did I want this Strawberry shortcake recipe to be easy, but I also wanted it to be healthy, well at least attempt to be ūüėČ So rather than using whipped cream, I used Greek Yogurt (hmm, hmm, good!) and then jazzed up the flavor with Lemonade flavored Crystal Light. As my first attempt with push-pops, I was pleasantly surprised with the tasty results!

Eating the Italian Way with Rocco DiSpirito at #FitBlogNYC

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the invite-only #FitBlogNYC at the Mercedes Club in Manhattan. The event was put on by FITNESS Magazine, the only magazine I religiously devour in a bath when it arrives on my doorstep every month. I was lucky to have been able to sit in on conversations from sone of today’s great trainers, doctors and Chefs! I also had the opportunity to demo beverages, health food and apparel, yet I was under no obligation to write anything. I am sharing this post as hearing Rocco Dispirito speak was entertaining and engaging and in fact I will share more posts about the event soon!

Outside on a gorgeous day on the Mercedes Club rooftop listening to Chef Rocco Dispirito

Rocco Dispirito has what my high school religion teacher called a “proselytizing¬†spirit” – meaning he can convert you into doing just about anything, kinda like a cult leader. This is a Chef that took his craft back home to Italy so that he could cook with the “mamas” and understand old Italian traditions as well as adapt them to a healthy lifestyle. His conversation with FITNESS Editor Pam O’Brien was frank and to the point with some new-to-me food ideas that I can’t wait to put into practice. One of the golden nuggets he shared was this:

Peak Inside My Healthy Fridge

Join me in doing a 180

disclosure:¬†This is a sponsored post as part of the¬†Shaklee Corporation blogger program. I have¬†received free products, online support and incentives for participating in the Shaklee¬†Corporation blogger program. My opinions are my own. ¬†People following the weight-loss portion of the Shaklee 180‚ĄĘ Program can expect to lose 1-2¬†pounds per week.¬†I am also a¬†Shaklee Independent¬†Distributor.

Within 2 months on the Shaklee 180‚ĄĘ program, I had managed to lose 13lbs. at the end of April. I am now just at the end of month 3 and the pounds continue to come off with a healthy dose of good food choices, exercise and of course Shaklee 180‚ĄĘ meal bars, protein smoothies and metabolic boost pills.

Sneak Peek at what I look like at the end of Month 3 - Look! White Jeans!

I’ll tell you right now, its not all been a bed of roses. Over Memorial Weekend my sister arrived from Canada and we celebrated my husband’s big 4-0 with friends…Hmmm, let’s just say that weekend deserves its own blog post :)

On the awesome side, this month I rediscovered Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred and fell in love with Level 3. if you are looking for a quick workout that helps you condition your body from head-to-toe, check it out. Google 30 day shred or search on YouTube for free videos and 99 cent rentals. Jillian leads you through a rigorous 2o minute workout with abs, strength and cardio. It’s a fantastic boost to your metabolism and you gradually work your way from level 1 to 3 over 30 days. I didn’t do the 30 days religiously, but I did skip ahead to Level 3 rather quickly so that I could get that uncomfortable feeling that comes from your body changing, working hard, getting stronger.

I’ve had people on the blog and in real life ask what I’m eating (or not eating) to lose the weight. Even my own husband has questioned what I eat in the day when he is not around! He sees the healthy dinners, broiled fish, meatless chili, vegetable stir-fries and chicken salads, but he wondered…