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Wordless Wednesday: Family Fun at The High Line

Thanks to a recent visit from my sister the fab hobbyist photographer, we finally have a family photo! Taken at The High Line in Chelsea.


Fresh Food for Baby: Beaba Babycook Review

With Mr 4.5 I used to make most all of his food from scratch. I have a life threatening allergy to peanuts and many other allergies to food that are less drastic but still cause hives or some other discomforting allergic reaction. I think my ups and downs with food is what made me research food and what is recommended to be put into babies, at what age and in what quantities. Their is so much information, and first foods is such an important time to shape babies love for fruits and vegetables and to help them develop a palate. I thought if I could be proactive and make exactly what I wanted for him, then why not.

I enjoyed knowing that I was giving him the most nutritious food possible. But, anyone who makes their baby’s meals from scratch knows as well as I that this can be very time consuming. It involves, peeling, chopping, cooking, then pureeing or mashing the final product, not to mention the pots, pans, knifes, sieves, and blenders that are left to clean. I remember putting aside at least an entire morning a week to get batches of food prepared for the week.

30 Days and 1 Pair of Birkenstock in New York City

Our family taking in the sights walking the Brooklyn Bridge

Be naturally fit: be yourself by doing the things you love to do.


It has been just a little over a month that I was fitted with a pair of Titanium Birko-Flor Madrid Birkenstock at the FITNESS Blogger Meet & Tweet here in NYC. I had never worn Birks before, but my sister swears by them and one of my fellow conference goers said they were so comfortable she had several pairs at home she used as house slipper – needless to say I was pretty game to try them. Different from any other sandal I’ve ever worn they have a toe box, a heel cup and arch support. I could see why someone like my sister with relatively flat feet loves these. The ridges are quite obvious to the touch the first time you put them on, but the more you wear them, the more they mold to your feet, and this is a good thing.

I couldn’t have been happier with the color I was given to take home as a gift for attending the event. A new season’s color, Titanium goes with so much of my wardrobe as it shimmers in the sunlight, sometimes looking more olive colored, and sometimes looking a little bit more golden.

I’ve worn these bad boys everywhere and consider them a bit of a lifesaver with the warm weather we are having.

Slow Down at Disney World #TTOT #TTPT

Today’s Travel Tuesday Pic Tip is a Family friendly, Attraction, Off the Beaten Track tip.

Special thanks to Dana from The Dragon’s Lair who has so many great Disney tips and pictures (and a whole lot more!) on her blog. So you may want to check it out if you are planning a Disney World trip.

Can you see the Magic?

When at Disney World it is so tempting to rush from ride to ride or from lunch to ride or wherever. But it is so important to take your time and take in the little details. Walt Disney World is an intricate and beautiful place.

And it is always changing thanks to cast members who can create on the spot magic. So slow down. Look up and look down and you’ll be surprised at what you will see.

– Dana, The Dragon’s Lair (@thedragynslair)


Check out last week’s Travel Tuesday Pic Tip (#TTPT) to see how you can take your kids to a Sky Bar in Bangkok! 

Submit your Travel Tuesday Pic Tip –  I look forward to getting to know your part of the world.

Yes! You can take your kids to a Sky Bar in Bangkok! #TTOT #TTPT

Today’s Family Friendly Travel Tip Pic Tip is brought to you by Bethaney D. from Flashpacker Family. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Bethaney on Twitter, two of our common links being that we both lived in Christchurch, New Zealand at different times and we both love to travel.

I’ve yet to get to Bangkok, but hope to one day so I love this tip! I hope you’ll follow Bethaney on Twitter (@FlashpackerFam) to get updates from her travels with her son and her husband and for gorgeous photos from her present home – Thailand.

Sipping cocktails in a Sky Bar at sunset is a popular activity for many tourists coming to Bangkok- particularly since the infamous scenes from atop the Lebua State Tower in The Hangover: Part Two.

– Bethaney D.

However, if your kids are under seven you won’t be allowed up the Lebua Tower.

The best alternative is to head to the Vertigo Bar at the Banyan Tree Hotel. Spectacular views and killer cocktails in a kid-friendly enrivonment. What’s not to love!


Check out last week’s Travel Tuesday Pic Tip (#TTPT) to see how you can get free cocktail glasses at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

Submit your Travel Tuesday Pic Tip –  I look forward to getting to know your part of the world.

Living Like a Tourist in NYC

It’s been a little under a week that my inlaws have been here and it has been fun enjoying the city with them. They are both very well traveled – from New Zealand, to the UK, Vietnam, Korea, Europe, and so many other places but never before have they been here! So though I have not been here forever, I used to visit often and now call New York home. So I have a few suggestions, and they have a few places that they want to see. Having them here is jazzing me up even more about this city.

How do you fall in love with your city all over again?

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday so we wanted to go somewhere very New York City that was also family friendly. We settled on Bubba Gump Shrimp Co in Times Square – with views to die for overlooking all the action and lights it doesn’t get anymore New York. Check out the photo I took from our table. Stunning, eh? I go to Times Square just enough that it hasn’t yet got boring or over the top for me. It’s amazing every time!

I’ll tell you more about Bubba Gump Shrimp Co next week for the Mama goes BAM first ever Travel Tuesday Pic Tip (#TTPT).

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