A to Z Challenge: C is for Curb Alert!

Welcome to day 3 in the A to Z Challenge. If you’ve been following along, I’m hopefully starting to weave a little bit of a story about me by going from A to Z through the month of April – telling you more about me and where I live.

Today, the letter C stands for Curb Alert! Since we moved into our new neighborhood in December, I joined up to a Yahoo Group where neighbors make requests for everything from babysitters to doctor recommendations. I haven’t really been able to take up any of the requests on the lists for one reason or other, but I’m always amazed by the ‘curb alerts’. Here’s how it works…someone posts that they are putting something to the curb. They add a description of the something along with details of where the curb is and at what time they will put in on said curb. My amazement is when the someone posts not more than 5 minutes after the ‘at the curb time’ that the item is gone. It’s like freecycling mixed with dumpster diving, I love it! 

In New Zealand we had to drive to a dump station and pay to dump anything that did not fit into a recycling or rubbish bin. Needless to say spring cleaning was expensive. I like that here in NYC the Sanitation Department trusts that ‘junk’ will take care of itself. After all, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

I see the same people out for leisurely walks, checking out other people’s garbage. I’d say it could be pretty lucrative. I’ve seen toys and furniture still in reasonable condition. Most likely discarded to make room in our small, cramped New York homes.  So, imagine my excitement when on the way to the subway with the kiddies I saw a floor lamp that would be perfect for our dining area. The dining area that has no light fixture, none, nada, completely dark.

This is the text messaging sequence that ensued between me and my husband who was at home.


And this is my son enjoying said floor lamp at the ungodly hour of omigoodness-the-sun-hasn’t-risen-what-are-you-doing-up! In perfect condition minus one shade thingey on one of the three lights is missing.

Do you freecycle? What’s been your biggest/best score?

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