the list

If you’d like to find out what this list is all about, go to my 100 things page. In a nutshell, this is the list of “things” or goals I have written on scraps of paper, mentioned to people over coffee and drinks but never intentionally tried to do. By putting this list together all in one place I’m presenting myself with the opportunity to try something new, do something new…and just the thought of it is exciting! If you have a life list, be sure to link to it in the comments below.

  1. Make my own chocolate from scratch
  2. Run as part of a running group
  3. Run in a woman’s half marathon or marathon
  4. Run a marathon
  5. Take my children to Barbados
  6. Experience the Mississippi River
  7. Learn to sing
  8. Take dance lessons
  9. Write an award winning book
  10. Know my neighbours
  11. Join an Alliance Francaise
  12. Learn how to fold an origami crane
  13. Learn how to make a traditional poi
  14. Learn the lyrics to Poi-E
  15. Learn how to tie a tieknot
  16. Go cruising
  17. Get at least 5 people interested in 100 things enough to create their own list
  18. Bake a Banoffee pie
  19. Learn how to knit
  20. Design and decorate a room
  21. Take a wine tasting class
  22. Live in New York (surely you read this blog, right?)
  23. Write for a National magazine
  24. Walk a New Zealand Great Walk
  25. Pole dance
  26. Learn to play poker
  27. Tell my Dad I love him
  28. Tell my mom I love her
  29. Tell my sister I love her
  30. Be a guide for a blind runner
  31. Go to Disney world
  32. Renew my wedding vows
  33. Take drawing lessons
  34. Learn to play the ukulele
  35. Write a letter to Mr P at least 4 times a year til he’s 18 (and the same for any child that comes after)
  36. Go tobogganing with my children
  37. Learn how to make ice cream
  38. Research and create a family tree
  39. Drink a Bang Lassi in India
  40. Dive Great Barrier Reef
  41. Run in the snow
  42. Learn how to sprout seeds
  43. Celebrate my birthdays
  44. Fruit picking
  45. Take a meditation class
  46. Take a baking course
  47. Have my hair professionally colored (see Exhibit C! I did it in June 2012)
  48. Swim 400 metres nonstop
  49. Make a pavlova
  50. Purchase a good camera
  51. Take a photography class
  52. Make bread from scratch
  53. Sew a piece of clothing from a pattern
  54. Pick a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch
  55. Carve a pumpkin for halloween (My husband did 98% but I helped)
  56. Travel to New Orleans for Mardi Gras
  57. Make johnny cakes
  58. See a live NBA game
  59. Watch a NFL game live
  60. Go to a tailgate party in the US
  61. Maintain a blog that I am proud of with at least 200 subscribers
  62. Be a media personality (radio/TV or print)
  63. Have a New Year’s Eve in Times Square, New York
  64. Sing for an audience
  65. Backpack through Thailand
  66. Get a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)
  67. Do a 365 day project
  68. Do a 52 week project
  69. Go fishing
  70. Help out in a soup kitchen
  71. Go to a casino in Las Vegas
  72. Receive a professional makeup consultation
  73. Swim with dolphins
  74. Go whale watching
  75. Visit FAO Schwartz and enjoy it as if I am a child
  76. Ride a camel
  77. Drive across Canada from coast to coast
  78. Drive down/up New Zealand from North to South
  79. Munch a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery
  80. Have a literary agent
  81. Watch a movie at the drive thru
  82. Get a passport for Barbados
  83. Go on African Safari
  84. Travel from Marathon to Athens, Greece
  85. Plant a tree
  86. Dance my way through Rio Carnival
  87. Walk through the Amazon Rainforest
  88. ride a gondola in Venice
  89. Go to the Olympics as a spectator, volunteer or even athlete
  90. Become a yoga instructor
  91. Dress the part and go swing dancing
  92. Have a pint of cider in Ireland
  93. Float in the Dead Sea
  94. Skydive
  95. Get a skirt custom tailored
  96. Drink cognac in Cognac
  97. Sip champagne in Champagne
  98. Host a family Christmas dinner
  99. Be at a friend’s side for the birth of their child
  100. Start an annual charity run

Here we go!

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