100 things

Don’t want to hear about how I created my 100 things list? Then go straight to the list.

With every new year, comes resolutions, to-do lists and a myriad of other ideas and notions of what we’d like to do, in this case for 2012. I got into the habit a few years ago of starting the ball rolling on resolutions in October or November, somehow I felt less pressure from outside forces screaming at me from magazine stands (“look your best this year”) or friends (“what’s your new year’s resolution?”) and most of all from my own internal pressure.

Then I learnt that by writing things (or goals) down it gave them more weight. Last year after writing down that I wanted to run in a half marathon, I did. In fact I ran in 2 – one off road and one road race. This was a great accomplishment for me seeing as I ran my first half marathon within less than 10 months of starting to run again regularly. So why was it that I was still able to look back on 2010 and feel like I hadn’t accomplished enough. Because I hadn’t crossed off enough of my 2010 list, that’s why. But how was I to know what 2010 would have in store for me? Didn’t I do great with what the year had thrown at me? Yes, yes I did. The other highlight was using my social media skills to work within a non-profit. By October 2010 I had secured a one year contract as an online communications consultant with the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind. Not only was I using my social media skills for good, but I enjoyed what I was doing and learning so much more about things like design and spatial awareness and even blind running.

So fast forward to the nearly the end of 2011. This year I am thinking I want to list 12 things that I want to do this year, one thing for every month. Deep down, I know this type of resolution list will also come with its own problems. Do you know what the problem is? This list and the list from 2010 are all time based. The pressure I put on myself by expecting me to have “it” done within the month or within the year is obviously too much for me.

Shouldn’t I be able to celebrate because I have enriched my life? Because I have gone out on a limb and tried something new? Done something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time? Learnt about something that makes me a more enlightened person? Yes, yes, yes and yes! By adding a time lapse on my big wish list I was considering myself a failure if I didn’t complete it in that time. so, with that being said, my 100 things list is a list of “things” that I would like to do within this lifetime. Coming up with the list has been a long task. Some things have come to me quicker than others but the best part is feeling like someday I will do most things on this list. I know that life’s journey will make some of these harder to do than others. I also know that life’s ebbs, flows and downright stormy weather will have a way of making sure that I am doing something on the list exactly when I need to.

So, without the panic to get anything on this list done by a certain time, I can now focus on enjoying life and being open to new experiences that may (or may not) lead me to completing something on my 100 things list. It feels great to have written them down and great to share the list with anyone who wants to read it. I also hope that by sharing my list with you, that you might even be part of me completing 1, 2 or how many ever items on the list.

Hope you enjoy reading my list. I will update and link through the blog whenever I have completed something on the list, so stay tuned! And because I know I am not the inventor of 100 things or its many variations (bucket list or 40 by 40 for example), I’d ask that if you are doing something similar and would like to share your list with me for reciprocal cheering on, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

But isn’t 100 things alot of things?!

Yes and no.

So no time limits? Isn’t that a surefire way to never get anything done?

Yes and no.

How will I feel after creating my list?

Great! As I was creating my list, I got stuck a few times along the way. This was mainly because I’d think of something really cool to add to the list, then realise that I had already checked it off the list. Open Water Dive certification, check. Learn to speak Spanish, check. Go to Italy, check. So flip the idea that 100 is a daunting number on its head and instead think “Wow, I really have to spend the time thinking up 100 things because I have already done so much in life”.  Once you think of it in that way you can’t help but feel proud of your accomplishments.

The other feeling you will have is one of excitement for the future. Imagine yourself doing 10 things on the list, then 30 things and so on. You’ll feel excited and open to the possibility that you can make your 100 things come true.

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