Snowtober, monkey #1’s first snowfall

Big Monkey and Monkey #1 enjoying the first snowfall of the season

Big Monkey and Monkey #1 enjoying the first snowfall of the season

Reports yesterday were that New York could be expecting up to 1 inch of snow. Meh. Even I who has been away from North American winter for well over 8 years did not blink an eye at this weather report. One inch of slushy snow was barely going to affect our day.

By around 11 this morning the snow started falling in big wet clumps. Still nothing much to report. But as the day goes on, it’s obvious this snow means business. It’s still falling and now looks a little something like this.

Snow accumulating in my piece of green in Manhattan

snow accumulating in my piece of green in Manhattan

Like alot of other facets of life at the moment, I’m feeling less than prepared for the weather. As I mentioned before, clothes plus pregnancy plus change of season are not my friend at the moment. I’ve got only a few winter worthy tops to wear and about 2 pairs of pants and the same amount of socks. Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking when I was sorting through what would be arriving on the boat (any day now) and what I would be bringing over in my suitcase.

Big Monkey and I thought that we’d head out clothes shopping today. The plan was a little play in the snow, lunch, a nap (more for me and Big Monkey’s benefit than for Monkey #1) then we’d hit the shops. But with all the excitement of the snow falling – and accumulating – we’ve just been enjoying hanging out, playing games, watching movies and baking. Snow is all very new to Preston. In his short 4 years, he probably saw snow fall in New Zealand only once or twice and both times it would have been nothing to write home about. He doesn’t really have a recollection of snow. His go to for the 411 on snow is probably episodes of Dora where the Explorer and Boots get kitted out in warm clothes and walk through snowfalls, taking to snowmen and rolling gigantic snowballs. Though he isn’t able to create the same kind of experiences with the wet slushy kinda snow we are having, he’s still loving it.

Winter is definitely going to be fun with a little Monkey to watch marvel at the magical white stuff that falls from the sky. New York’s ice skating rinks opened yesterday, including the iconic open air rink at Rockefeller Center. The snow may not last for long, tomorrow’s forecast is for a sunny day – go figure. But it’s nice to be creating one of a kind memories in our new home.

giddy Preston taking a break from the snow

giddy Preston taking a break from the snow

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2 Responses to Snowtober, monkey #1’s first snowfall
  1. Sara
    Twitter: saritab_
    October 31, 2011 | 11:05 am

    Fin times! I was in NYC for one Snowmageddeon. It was intense. I learned that the city has an aversion to plowing their streets. For someone from Minnesota, this was shocking. Now, I’m in Texas, and I think it’s the same here. However, it’s just starting to get cold here and it’s going to be a while before it snows.

    • Ghada V
      Twitter: OMGhada
      November 2, 2011 | 9:06 am

      Yep, I always find it funny that cities can’t get organized to get rid of a tiny bot of snow. We went walking in Central Park the next day and it was a mess – playgrounds were closed, snow was still on the roads and so many tree branches had fallen. Less than a week later though, and its like it never snowed. I was following Snowmageddon on Twitter last year, it did sound intense.

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