Running as a Mother is Challenging

Running as a mother is challenging, but it is a challenge worth taking up!

Running as a mother of 2 is challenging, organizing anything as a mother is challenging full-stop. Not only do I have to figure out a time that works for me, but I have to make that time work in with my kids and with dad. I can either run in the early morning when everyone is sleeping or run when I only have to take Miss 6 months with me. I haven’t managed to get up that early since having 2 kids, I used to be able to get a run in before with just 1, but sleep patterns are not consistent enough to know that I will get out and back in enough time. Plus when I get sleep these days, it is is too precious to cut short! So, I tend to run during the week with Miss 6 months when Mr 4.5 years is at preschool. On the weekends, I run when little sister is napping and day is occupied with big brother.

I’ve also started running with my 4.5 year old. The amount of energy he has is amazing! He can run for about 20 minutes, then play in the playground and run back again for another 20 minutes. I make sure to have alot of water on hand for him and always check that he is doing ok. Now that he has a scooter, he’s also very keen to keep

Runner Mother Tips

Tips for when running with baby in stroller.

  • Make sure baby is fed. I like to go out with Miss 6 months when she is ready for a nap. I snuggle her up with her favorite stuffed doggie and within 5 minutes she is off to lalaland
  • When I ran with my son as a toddler, if I went out with him during his awake time, I could only run about 5K before he wanted out of the stroller. Bring snacks and some other toy to keep him occupied.
  • If doing a long run with a toddler, you might want to plan it during their naptime. My little guy loved sleeping in the stroller, so if I headed out 20 minutes or so before his afternoon nap, I was guaranteed about an hour to run.
  • Extras such as a blanket, diapers and wipes are a good idea.
  • Make sure she is strapped in properly
  • Keep baby warm, just as with your running outfit, layering is important. Dress your baby to the temps.
  • Don’t forget to put sunscreen on littlies. I have a very large cover that blocks out most of the sun, but even toes are sometimes exposed.
  • Be prepared to cut your run short due to toddler tantrums, diaper mishaps or change in weather – at least you got off the couch, right? Even if it wasn’t the amount of mileage you wanted to do.
  • Be prepared to stop and play in the park. I’ve managed to squeeze a few extra miles in by giving in to a 2 year old wanting to have a swing at the playground. He then calmly sat back and enjoyed the rest of the run

Though it can sometimes be challenging and I don’t get to run as many races as I would like to, it is definitely worth making time for running. My son is so active , and the more active I stay, the more I can keep up with him. I really enjoy being able to share time in the outdoors with him, I know that I am setting him up for a life where he enjoys being physically active and that is a great gift to pass on to him.

So, you want to be a runner? Read on for more tips on how to get started in running.

Do you have any tips for running or getting any other exercise in with your kids?

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