The Smurfs 2 Video Game Hit with Novice Gamer

My 5 nearly 6 year old loves to watch others play Wii Games, besides Just Dance I haven’t really taken the time to find him a game that would actually be enjoyable at his level of game play rather than frustrating. He is starting to have play dates where he is invited to play video games. I believe this is what is spurring him on to want to explore video games more. So when I was given the opportunity to Review Ubisoft’s The Smurfs 2 Video Game for Wii, I thought this sounded like it might be a fit for him. Though his past gaming experiences have mostly been on the iPhone,  he always picks up on the game play easily enough so I had hope that this would be a good introduction to an adventure platform game.

Delicious DIY Microwave Snack Recipes

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It’s been nearly 20 months since our family last owned a microwave. My nearly 21 month old daughter has never seen one in action at our house and marvels every time we are visiting someone or stay in a hotel where there is a microwave. We didn’t stop using one on purpose, it just happened. In fact, there was a super long stretch back in 2004-2006 while we were doing renovations on our first home in New Zealand that we only had a microwave and stove top in our kitchen. Like much of the planning around that kitchen, we hadn’t properly budgeted for plumbing in the gas, and as time went on an oven became less and less important. Go figure, but we figured out lots of ways to cook lots of healthy meals in a microwave.

Your Chance to Get Healthy with Shaklee 180™

disclosure: I am part of the Shaklee Corporation blogger program but was under no obligation to post this post. I am posting because I would like to give my lovely readers a chance to experience Shaklee 180™ .  People following the weight-loss portion of the Shaklee 180™ Program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week. I am also a Shaklee Independent Distributor.

Lovely readers, if you have been following along on my Shaklee 180™  journey, you will know that Shaklee 180™ has been a tremendous tool in helping me to drop 20 + pounds  since March in a healthy  and completely doable way. I am coming to the end of my time as a Shaklee Blogger – the 6 month program ends at the end of August, but I am glad to be able to give you a taster of how this program works.

A few Shaklee bloggers have come together to give you the chance to enter to win a one month supply!

This will be a great way to give the program a try. Though I am no doctor or specialist, I know the changes for me in the first month were tremendous. I dropped 7 lbs, my energy levels increased and overall I started feeling heaps better about my body.

Want an example of what I’m talking about? A couple of months ago there is no way, I mean nada, zilch that I would have shared a picture of myself in a bikini, but here it is *gulp*. Apart from the physical changes, the weight loss has impacted me socially as well as emotionally – you won’t really know what you’ll get out of it until you are ready to try!

The 2013 Healthgrades Reports Women Need to Lean In

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Healthgrades. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

According to Healthgrades, when we approach our health and the care we receive, we need to lean in, ask questions, investigate options and take charge of our healthcare futures. “Lean In”, the theme of this year’s report, builds on the popularity of Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook’s, best-selling book.

Our arrival in New York from New Zealand was delayed due to paperwork at the US government level. I arrived in New York 6 and a half months pregnant and my search for an OBGYN in a new country, with a healthcare system foreign to me was not easy. No one wanted to take me on, that late in the pregnancy I was considered a risk.

As I reached 32 weeks, I  remember breaking down in tears on the phone with one receptionist. My first born was 3.5 weeks early and doctors in New Zealand told me their was a 95% likelihood that this one would come early too – the clock was ticking and I was at risk of going into labor and having a complete stranger deliver my baby. This was scary and also stark contrast to my first delivery which was an all natural delivery in a hospital with a midwife I’d had a relationship with since the 12th week of my pregnancy.

It was at that point that thankfully I discovered Healthgrades online. I was able to search on a variety of values, such as region, doctor’s qualifications and background as well as star ratings from other moms. I tracked down a doctor that had a gentle approach to obstetrics and I ultimately my wishes were maintained at the labor. 

5 Reasons to Join the #BAMFitPhotoADay Fitness Challenge

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I am just 10 days into the July Photo Fitness Challenge and I am really excited and inspired by seeing others joining me! I decided to make my own photo-a-day challenge this month to not only help me stay on track, but also to help me connect with others that are working, struggling, pushing through the same fitness and eating challenges as I am. I purposefully made this first month as a “get-to-know-you” kinda month. Those that have joined me are posting pictures of their breakfast, style and the people and places that inspire them to keep fit.

Willpower is great, but support is also an important part of weight loss, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I know this firsthand from the experience I am living now with Shaklee 180™. The support I am receiving from the other women in the group as well as from family and friends has been tremendous. So, when this experience as a Shaklee Blogger ends on August 31, I want to make sure that I still have that support network I need to maintain my weight – or maybe even have grown it!

Gorgeous Handmade Bags for Little Adventurers

Living in Brooklyn without a car, our little family does alot of subway travel as well as travel on foot. My Little Miss and Mr P love to travel with little action figures, sketch pads, pencils and crayons. Part of our get ready to go routine involves the kids picking out 2-3 items that they want to bring with them, and we want to help keep them entertained on the road. As Mr P has just finished his first year at school (kindergarten graduate ya’ll!) he is becoming ever more and more independent – in other words, he likes to carry his own stuff.

So when my friend Jacqui  from Mee a Bee offered to send us her beautiful handmade bags, one for each I said, yes please! I met Jacqui virtually several years ago as we are both entrepreneurial moms linked by New Zealand. Jacqui is a Kiwi (New Zealander) living in Japan,  and I was living in New Zealand at the time. I have always loved Jacqui’s bags!

Little Miss loves wearing hers everywhere from the park to around the house.

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I am blown away by the quality of the bags, as has been everyone who compliments the kids on them at the park. Handmade, made with love and care, these bags rival any big manufacturer.

Mee a Bee is for children and parents who love adventure. Created by hand in Japan you can rest assured you’re buying something different and very special. Each bag starts with a base of natural cotton or linen. To that I add a specially selected whimsical printed fabric flap. The finishing touch is the soft colorful strap chosen to really make the design pop!

– Jacqui,

You can catch up with Jacqui through her etsy store and choose a pattern to suit your child’s personality. I also like seeing more of her handmade bags and Japan adventures with kids on her instagram @meeabee.

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