I Say New York Sitcom, You Say “Friends”

Warner Bros. Pictures is proud to announce the release of Friends: The Complete Series Blu-Ray Box Set November 13th 2012. Friends is one of those sitcoms that I can watch over and over and find it funny every time. I can’t even remember when friends actually went off the air, because it seems to have played on repeat so many times over the years. I have to admit though, since I’ve moved to New York I don’t think I’ve even seen it once. But, Friends is still synonymous with New York for me. I vow one day to scope out the location of the Central Perk.

In celebration of this Blu-Ray Box Set release, Warner Bros wants to give one Mama Goes BAM reader a Friends prize pack with two oversized cappuccino mugs and a picture frame just like the one on Monica’s door.

Come back everyday to earn a different Friends character badge, unlock hidden badges, and earn awesome Friends content along the way.

Relive all your favorite Friends moments in these fun clips.  Each week a new clip will be unlocked. Come back every Monday to see a new clip and a new chance to enter to win.

Good Luck! Contest is open to US residents only 18+ and ends November 20, 2012.

The One Where I was Part of Katie’s Crew for the Katie Couric Show

I was contacted a few weeks ago to be part of the Katie Couric Show as a Katie’s Crew guest blogger. I was ecstatic because Katie is someone I’ve watched on TV for aaaages – I have memories of her hard hitting reporting and megawatt smile from the Today Show and Dateline. One of the first things I did was to call my mother, she’s a huge Katie fan and she was able to catch me up on some of the episodes I’d missed on Katie’s newest show on ABC.

I got to hang in the green room with some of the stars from the day's show

The second thing I did was panic about what to wear. I’ve only ever been to one other daytime talk show taping, and in that instance I wasn’t meeting the host, this time I would be meeting Katie Couric. The requisite for wardrobe was the same – wear bright clothes on top. Obviously it stands out better on TV. Bright clothes in late fall? Needless to say I was a real standout on the subway amongst drones of black and grey wearing New Yorkers.

After sitting back stage with the new cast of orphans from Annie the Broadway Musical and meeting up with my contact, I was escorted to a front row seat right in Katie’s eyeline – an interesting perspective. I was able to live tweet the whole segment and as a bonus, they were also taping a segment with Sharon Osborne. She’s often compared to Kris Kardashian – the family matriarch, but I’d have to say she seems to have more substance. I don’t know either women, so I’m not really at liberty to judge. But for the sake of argument, whenever I’ve seen Sharon speak she seems so honest. She had some insightful words to share about trying to have it all as a mother as well as her regret about areas of her life where she cut corners to get ahead.

I’ve written a post on KatieCouric.com on my love of musicals and how I wished I could be Annie. I’ll link up the post once it goes live on the website. You can catch the episode of “Annie” Back on Broadway on November 2 on ABC.

If you’d like to check out my behind the scenes pics from the Katie Couric Show, head on over to the Mama goes BAM Facebook page.

You can also enter to win tickets to Annie on Broadway from the Katie Couric website.

UPDATE: Read the post written by your truly, Why I can’t wait to see “Annie” on Broadway on the Katie Couric website.

Wreck-it Ralph Weather the Weekend Activity Sheets

I’m thankful that I have power and heat, food and my family all safe and sound. We realize it could have been much worst for us as we go for walks through the neighborhood and stumble upon wrecked cars and downed trees only within a few minutes of our house. We have quickly realized how much time we spend in transit and out of the house. That’s why when we meet our neighbors on the streets, we all comment at what a loooong week it has been first waiting for Sandy to arrive and now dealing with her aftermath.

Normally I would bundle up the kids and take them to the park for a play. If it is really icy cold out, then I would take them to the local YMCA or the Library. None of those are an option as the parks are closed for maintenance and the Y is serving as a shelter.

I can’t complain, but as a family we sure are putting our imagination to the test as both myself and Mr BAM juggle work and the kids while coming up with new games to play, things to bake and people to visit. So, it’s always nice when a new activity sheet pops up that will keep Mr P occupied for a little while. Poor wee dude is missing the routine of school :(

Without further ado, if like me you won’t be able to make it to opening weekend of Wreck-it Ralph, even though you’d like to, why not give these work sheets a go.

Click here to download the Wreck-it Ralph Activity Sheets (4.8 MB). It includes coloring pages, color by numbers, mazes and more. And if you do go to Wreck-it Ralph this weekend, come back here and gloat 😉

Wordless Wednesday: The Damage Post #Sandy is Untold

We were extremely lucky waiting out Sandy in our house in Brooklyn. We never lost power, had no damage to our house. We are all safe. We went for a walk yesterday though, and were totally amazed at how many trees had fallen. At how many trees had fallen on houses and cars. My thoughts are with those that have fared much worst than us.

Here are a few ways to help in Brooklyn.

Mr P discovered this tree outside in apartment just minutes from our house


Hip Finds at Babesta From New York to the World

I went into Babesta in Tribeca with Little Miss the other day to have a look at the staff’s Top 20 picks for the holidays. Think of Babesta as a part rocker glam, totally New York shop for kids. If you search #HipHoliday20 on Twitter, you’ll see pics snapped at the event from other local bloggers.

Jennifer from Babesta showing off a romper from Mini Rodini

What Are You Thankful for? #30Thanks

I’ve always been consumed by the nature of being grateful and thankfulness. For me, it is in my nature to be thankful for who I have in my life and what I have in my life.

I know that my emotional and intellectual compass must be off balance when I start to feel depleted by feelings of why can’t I get that blog opportunity/clothes/stuff/(fill in the blank)? So when those feelings wash over me, I have tricks I pull out to help me focus on all the wonderful things (and especially people!) that I do have in my life. By using some of these techniques, it helps me refocus, re-energize and actually bring about more greatness in my life.

For the last month or so, I have been writing down one to two things I am thankful for at the end of the day. So, seeing as Thanksgiving is this month I thought I would do something different and share it with this community. I will be sharing one thing that I am thankful for each day on the Mama Goes BAM Facebook pageTwitter and/or Instagram. I don’t want to tie myself down to one medium to express what I am thankful for. Some days I will post a picture, some days it will just be one sentence. I’m not trying to add one more thing to my evergrowing to-do list, so I’m keeping it simple:

One picture or One sentence per day about something/someone I am thankful for #30Thanks

I hope that you will join me! Starting November 1, I will be tagging all pictures and sentences of thankfulness with #30Thanks and hope to have a thread everyday on Facebook for you to add yours. If you participate just even one day or all month, tag your thankfulness statement or picture with #30Thanks so that I can see it.

Think of it as my Thanksgiving gift to you! Trust me, you’ll go to sleep feeling better knowing that you have something to be thankful for, instead of having feelings of resentment and sadness about what you don’t have.

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