How to Minimize Germs During RSV Season

This winter has been the toughest winter on record for our family in terms of colds and flu.  We’ve all come down with something at some point or another. When I ask the kids’ doctor what else we can do to sto the spread of germs, she assures us that we are doing all that we can, and it has been a particularly bad year in NYC as well as most of the country.This is our first North American winter where Mr P is at school. Last year, at daycare we only had to contend with the him sharing germs with 25 other kids. Yes, I say sharing germs cause with kids it is inevitable – they share everything with each other and then bring it home to mom, dad and siblings.

Now that he is in kindergarten, he is sharing the same eating spaces, arts tables and gym rooms as the other 6 kindergarten classes, the Pre-k classes and the grade 1 students. Now that is a whooooole lot of germs. As I mentioned before, as a family we all have to do our best to minimize the spread of germs. No one wants to get hit by a nasty bug. Thankfully, Little Miss is a little bonnier, more solid this winter as she is 15 months, but it is still worth  instilling good habits in Mr P. And what better way to instill good habits in a 5 year old, but to follow them. Though my tips below are for the littlies it is still a great idea for adults to follow suit for the health of the whole family.

Tips for minimizing the spread of germs

  • Make your germ sharing tips for the kids fun, with lots of actions and grandiose gestures! That way they won’t find it so boring
  • Don’t share your sneezes and coughs, cover your mouth with your arm (not your hand) and then shake it out!
  • If you do sneeze into your hands, wash them with the 5 seconds rule (see below)
  • Use the 5 seconds rule when washing your hands. Five minutes to scrub your hands together, 5 seconds to scrub the top of your right hand, 5 seconds to scrub the top of your left hand
  • Noses and mouths are not for fingers. If your child is a picker, help them break that habit as they can spread a whole lotta germs that way
  • Find out if your school has a “no sharing” rule at school when it comes to food. If they don’t, ask them to consider implementing one. It is a good idea not only for minimizing spreading germs by sharing cups and utensils but for food allergies
  • Make a decision to keep your sick children at home where they can rest up and most of all, not spread germs to their classmates
  • Most of all, know your children’s doctor and keep up with your well-check appointments

Very Berry Mojito: A Lipton Ice Tea Mocktail Recipe

Mr BAM was away for 2 weeks and during that time I really spent time in the kitchen getting reacquainted with creating new recipes from desserts, to soups and even drinks. I found these Lipton Diet Green Tea Honey Ginseng  drinks that look so refreshing, they seemed like the perfect ingredient to a mocktail! I say mocktail beause alcohol free means they are easier to try out on Mr P (who is only 5) and because lately most Girl’s Nights In involve early mornings the next day! Seeing as most of my girlfriends have kiddos, its probably not a bad idea to mix in a few alcohol-free drinks to a fun night.

Here’s my recipe for a Very Berry Mojito Mocktail. Refreshing, tasty and healthful thanks to mint, raspberries and strawberry ice cubes. I can’t wait to mix this up for my next girl’s night in.

Mrs Wishy-Washy’s Chocomole Pudding Recipe

Mrs Wishy Washy's Raw Chocolate Pudding

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My 5 year old was given the book Mrs Wishy Washy by Joy Cowley when he was 3 years old. He loved it from the first moment we read it to him and it has continued to be a favorite over the last 2 years. When he started kindergarten, he was so excited when within the first week his kindergarten teacher pulled out a large board book version to read to the class. Imagine his surprise at seeing his favorite New Zealand written book, here in the United States.

His kindergarten teacher invited us in for a literacy party just before Christmas. We got a chance to look at our child’s writing, and to see how they’d progressed in the first 3 months. As a special treat for the kids, they got to create Mrs Wishy-Washy’s mud and dunk the animals around in it. The mud of course was chocolate pudding, and the animals were animal crackers. Now why hadn’t I thought of that? Such a neat way to bring a children’s book to life.

I saw 5 avocados at the store for $3 the other day and it made me think of how I could make this chocolate pudding treat with a twist. Instead of making a traditional sugary pudding, I decided to make a chocomole – a raw chocolate pudding made mainly with avocado and natural sweeteners. I used to make raw chocolate and puddings quite regularly, but hadn’t made this in awhile. I had all the ingredients at home except for the animal crackers.

Wordless Wednesday: Baby on the Run

On an unseasonably warm day, Little Miss tried to make a break for it.

baby on the run

Are your kiddos desperate for winter to be over?

Win the Bare Essentials with Bare Fruit Apple Chips

Between a 15 month old who loves trying new foods and a 5 year old with a ravenous appetite, I am always on the lookout for easy healthy snacks to feed them. When I was given the opportunity to try Bare Fruit’s Apple Chips, I thought why not. The Bare Fruit Chips are 100% organic and are baked not fried. I’ve had apple chips in the past that have been too sweet, but these were just right. With only a small sprinkling of cinnamon added for taste, they have a really fresh flavor.

Because they are made with apples, you can easily just eat a handful and feel full. The best part is the kids get a healthy snack and don’t even question it! They also make a good on-the-go snack, easy to pack and you don’t have to worry about them getting soggy or dried out.

What I love about the Apple Chips is that they are truly nothing but the bare essentials – apples (with a hint of cinnamon) and no added sugar.

Bare Fruit would like to give you the chance to win a case of Apple Chips. Just head over to the Bare Fruit Facebook page, fill out your details and you are in to win. Contest is open til February 12 at 11.59PM. And if you don’t already like Mama Goes BAM on Facebook, make sure to head over there and like it now.

You can also scan the QR code below from your mobile phone to go straight to the form.

Mama Goes BAM QR Code for Bare Fruit Apple Chips

Good Luck!

 disclosure: I received a sample to help facilitate my review.

Super Bowl Commercials Sneak Peek from Disney

If you’re like me, you enjoy football for everything but the actual game. I love spectator sports, but there is something about the stop and start of football that has never fully won me over. But who can resist the Super Bowl, the fanfare that surrounds this last game of the season is hard to beat. I remember when I was younger (i.e. before kids), I was able to sit around for hours eating food, drinking, and watching the SuperBowl – the tailgaiting with friends AND the commercials made it AH-Some!

Fast Forward to Super Bowl 2013 and I have to admit, I am a little excited! If you haven’t yet heard Beyonce is the half-time entertainment, and the commercials as always promise to amaze!

A little birdie told me that 2 of Disney’s highly anticipated feature-length releases for 2013 will be launching trailer. Check out the sneak peeks below.

The Lone Ranger

I’ve said it before, I love me some Johnny Depp and I can’t imagine he will disappoint in The Lone Ranger due in theaters July 3. Catch the Super Bowl Pregame show to see the trailer, or if you can’t wait head, over to Yahoo! to see it online now.

Tweet your thoughts on the trailer with hashtag #LoneRanger.

Disney's The Lone Ranger Poster

To participate in The Lone Ranger “Who Will You Ride With on Game Day” Sweepstakes* and get a chance to win prizes for “You and Your Kemosabe,” tune in and follow @LoneRanger on Twitter.  For a chance to win, after the sneak peek airs answer trivia questions about the spot correctly and use #LONERANGER in the reply. All correct entries will be entered in a blind drawing for a chance to win a prize pack, such as Kawasaki helmets, SUBWAY®  gift cards, and more.  Each prize pack includes two prizes, one each for “You and Your Kemosabe.” The sweepstakes will end February 4, 2013, at 3:00 p.m. PST. Entries will also be accepted via email to

Iron Man 3

And the other Disney Flick that has a spot set to air during the game is the third in  the Tony Stark/Iron Man movie franchise.

Here’s a 10 second teaser. Weigh in during the Super Bowl on Twitter with #IronMan3

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