Medication Safety: Keeping Your Kids Safe at Home

With a 16 month old and a 5 year old in the house, it is sometimes hard to keep up with how quickly they are growing everyday. Each of them is as inquisitive and industrious as the other – when they want to get to something or do something, they come up with every trick in the book. Just recently, my 5 ear old surprised me with his bottle of vitamins alerting me to it being time to take his regular dose. I was gobsmacked! He wasn’t meant to be able to reach his vitamins, they were sitting in a cupboard alongside cold & flu medication as well as other far from kid-friendly pills. I’ve since changed where I put these harmful pills, as I realize how easy it was for him to grab his step stool and get into this potentially dangerous cupboard.

Taming a Natural Beauty’s Natural Hair

My children are blessed with beautiful caramel colored skin, thanks to the mixed influence of my dark skin and the fair complexion of Mr BAM. They have the best of both world’s with my Bajan origins (my parents are from Barbados) and Mr BAM’s Kiwi origin (from New Zealand). They have the culture, stories and inspirational grand-parents and great-grandparents to boot. The one downside to this mixed up family is the resulting hair of Mr P and Little Miss. Ok, I don’t want to call it a downside – it’s fun, it’s crazy curly…and strait, and wavy, soft and textured all at once. Oy! How am I to tame the curls?

LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap Makes Cleanup Easier

My 5 year old Mr P has blossomed into a bit of an artist. Mr BAM was an painter in a former life, so I think he is secretly very happy about this development. I am too, it has been amazing to see his stick figures evolve into much more recognizable drawings over the last couple of months. He uses markers and crayons to bring his imagination to life on paper. The only downside to this creative pursuit his the marks all over his hands. Covered in all the colors of the rainbow, he marches off to the sink and scrubs ink all over the bar of soap or hand pump of soap. Neither creates an ideal situation, as black grime is left either all over the soap or the pump.

Having been introduced to the LYSOL No-Touch hand soap, means my little dude only has to place his hand under the nozzle to activate the soap. Easy peasy and no grimy germ filled residue left on the pump for everyone else. Besides less cleanup for me, it has also meant that we are reducing the spread of germs from grubby hands to pump – it’s a win win situation for the entire house. Since we have a teeny tiny New York City bathroom, I worried that it might be too big for our counter top, but I was presently surprised to see that it isn’t all – pretty relative to the size  of a pump and the sleek white design fits my bathroom.

A Healthy Shamrock Shake Recipe

Healthy Protein Packed Shamrock Shake

A little while ago I posted a DIY shamrock shake recipe for all of you addicted to the seasonal McDonald’s drink. I have to admit that I had at least 3 in about a week and a half span. Two out of three were also topped with a generous topping of whipped cream and sprinkled in green sugar! No wonder I’m now a Shaklee 180 blogger 😉 So today I bring you a healthier version that you can mix up on St Patrick’s Day before you hit the St Patty’s festivities. You can use any protein mix that you have for pre or post workouts. I’ve had this smoothie after a run, and the best part is that the kids like it as much, if not more than the sugary alternative.

Kellogg’s Share Breakfast Movement Believes in the Power of Breakfast

Kellog's Share Breakfast Campaign logo

The Kellogg’s Share Breakfast Movement is on a mission to show families how a wholesome breakfast can help kids reach their full potential every day. As a former teacher, I have seen how poorly kids can perform in school when they do not start their day off with a proper nutritional breakfast. One of the most memorable speeches I heard while I was in teacher training was from an elementary school principal who described the Belly, Heart, Brain theory. He likened it to a Maslow’s Theory for unlocking a child’s full potential. Basically, if a child’s belly wasn’t full and their hearts not brimming with love, we as teachers would not be able to fill their minds. As a teacher, it was our duty to reach out to the child’s family and figure out what was missing from the Belly and Heart part of the equation – without these 2 things being full, their would be no way for us to fill their brains with literature, drama, math and phys ed class no matter how interesting we made it.

Through my time as a teacher, seeing the signs of the child whose belly was not full was often times easy. You see, parents of these children dropped them off at school, showered them with kisses and even told them they loved them. Their hearts were full with love, but clearly their bellies were growling. Inability to concentrate, tiredness and moodiness were just some of the heartbreaking traits I witnessed. Thankfully, I didn’t see this too often but when I did, I always wished a proper program was in place to help these children get the proper breakfast they needed.

Fast forward to over a decade later and it warms my heart to know that my son’s school offers a free, no questions asked breakfast program each and every school day.  We’re fortunate that we have not had to take up this offer, but programs like these are not offered nationwide, but they should be.

Nearly one in five children across our communities go without breakfast.

– Kellogg’s Share Breakfast

The Greatest Show on Earth is Built to Amaze!

Ringling Brothers Circus Built to AMaze!

I’m so excited to be taking Mr P to the Greatest Show on Earth in a couple of weeks time. He really loves live performances and though he has seen musicals and concerts, he has yet to see the circus, I know he will love it!  The newest season of the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus, Built to Amaze! features Andre McClain as Ringmaster, the legendary King Charles Unicycle Troupe, and award winning comedic duo Alex and Irina Emelin. I have to admit that I am just as excited to see the show.

Alex and Irina Emelin from the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus

This year Built to Amaze is playing in 4 venues: Prudential Center, IZOD Center, Nassau Veterans Coliseum and in my very own backyard at the Barclays Center. I’ll be heading to opening night on March 20, and the Brooklyn show will run to April 1.

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