Greek Yogurt Covered Strawberry Nuggets

Preparing strawberries for freezing

We’ve had a crazy stop start to spring here with memorial day weekend being positively cold. A couple of weekends ago the thermometer soared from mid 50′s to high 80′s in one day! My family loves strawberries. all. the. time! And when it’s that hot, I can add them to just about anything. I put them in cold teas, fruit salads, green salads and just pop ‘em by the handful.

From little Miss to Mr BAM, we all love them. I thought how can we combine strawberries with Greek Yogurt from Cabot Creamery and this is what we came up with! Super simple, healthy, super easy and everyone looooves them.

Check out How to Make Greek Yogurt Covered Strawberry Nuggets by Ghada Vanderpool on Snapguide.

I received money saving coupons from Cabot as a thank you for entering a contest, which inspired me to create these little nuggets one day!


31 Ideas for Moms to Instagram Besides their Kids

Now, if you are following me on instagram, then you know that I am guilty of over-instagramming (is that a word?) my kids. And if you aren’t following me on Instagram, take a minute to go do so now, please. So, this list has been created for you as much as it has for me to help me diversify my instagram updates. But, who am I kidding…I know I will continue to instagram the wholly mole outta my kids cause they are just too darn cute!

Instagram is in the top 3 for social networks I enjoy and find pleasurable. Yes, you can  still ‘do business’ on Instagram, but it is also one of the more personal networks – not alot of spam, not alot of people pushing something with an agenda to serve. Even when an Instagram update is blog/review/sponsor related it is at least interesting because it is visual. I know many a people have taken to instagram quicker than Twitter because hey, for most people a stream of images is much more engaging than a stream of words, links and hashtag (hash what? Talk of Twitter, also in my top 3, for another time).

Snapshot of my instagram feed

A Family Walk Through Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO

On a sunny weekend day when I am looking to relax,  you will easily find me and the family heading either 15 minutes south to the Beach or 15 minutes North to DUMBO. DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This artistically charming neighborhood in Brooklyn is home to some of the city’s most famed artists and fashion designers as well as pizza at Grimaldi’s, the amazing Jane’s Carousel housed within the Brooklyn Bridge Park, the weekly outdoor food fest known as Smorgasburg and the decadent home of Jacques Torres Chocolate.

DUMBO is also clearly a great vantage point to catch some of the best views back into Manhattan from between the larger than life Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.

Can you see the One World Trade Center in the background?

Experienced Moms Share their New Mom Must Haves

Even after having Mr P nearly 6 years ago, I still found myself in the hospital wishing I had brought a few extra items to make my hospital stay after the arrival of Little Miss 19 months ago a little bit more tolerable. After all, as the mom you have just given birth to this precious new life – spent hours one way or another getting this baby safely out. Your body is tired, but at the same time you are responsible for this little beings introduction to this whole new world on the outside.

Easy Recipe for Lemonade Strawberry Shortcake Push Pops

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Did you know that June 14th is National Strawberry Shortcake Day? Well it is! I decided to try my hand at a different and easy twist on an old fave to get you in the mood for the holiday. Not only did I want this Strawberry shortcake recipe to be easy, but I also wanted it to be healthy, well at least attempt to be ;) So rather than using whipped cream, I used Greek Yogurt (hmm, hmm, good!) and then jazzed up the flavor with Lemonade flavored Crystal Light. As my first attempt with push-pops, I was pleasantly surprised with the tasty results!

Epic Movie Screening with Pitbull {Video}

Pitbull aka Mr Worldwide aka the voice of Bufo from the movie Epic and Me!

- Image courtesy of fellow blogger Jenn at Momma D and Da Boyz

I was lucky enough to be transported to the magical land of tiny people who live in the forest at a screening of Epic thanks to The Moms. Armando “Pitbull” Pérez was on hand to introduce the movie, talk about living your dreams and to tell all the kids in the audience to listen to their moms!

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