NYC This Week in Tweets

Praise the lawd, hallelujah, how cool would this be? Nothing worse than sitting underground unable to send a txt message to someone to say you’re running late or some other time sensitive matter. You could run up out of the subway to send your txt, but then you’d miss the next train and be even later. With wifi, you could obfuscate the fact that you can’t send sms and instead send a tweet or a Facebook message, brilliant!

New York was abuzz with the unveiling of the new look Brooklyn Nets logo. I like it, what about you? I’m looking forward to having a bball team right here in my borough, I say roll on September! I want tickets :)

I wish I had of gone outside and looked up. Apparently people in neighboring Park Slope caught a glimpse and were able to snap some pics. History in the making.

More history was made as the One World Trade Center officially becomes NYC’s tallest skyscraper. I took a snap a few weeks back and being in its presence left me breathless.

May Day! May Day! Occupy Wall Street branched out and took to the streets all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. Here’s a pic of Big Monkey just before protesters marched Broadway Street. He said it was super quiet without cars.

What happened in your city this week?

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