New Adventures in New Zealand

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll notice that I haven’t updated in quite some time. Some of you already know that our little family has made the journey back to our second home – New Zealand. See I was born in Canada, so I consider it my first home. I met my husband in New Zealand, had my first child here and even obtained my citizenship so I consider it my second home even though I’ve probably spent the majority of my adult life in this country.

Packing up your life and flying with 2 kids to the other side of the world is no easy feat, especially when the change happened quicker than expected – can you say less than 2 months?! I’m gonna save the details around our move for another blog post…or maybe even for a book, yes the details are that crazy that I  am seriously considering spinning it all into a memoir.  You see everything from the time I decided to spend a year in New Zealand way back in 1999 pre-birthing hips fresh out of University til now could easily fit into a book. From moving to Auckland from Christchurch just a month shy of the first devastating earthquake to moving to New York city and giving birth to my daughter and then returning to hospital with her just days later, the many celebs I met in New York and now the return back to the land of the long white cloud, there is a book in there somewhere!

the kids exploring their favorite rock on St Heliers Beach

My eldest said,

Mom, I like our new home. There is so much more room here than in New York.

And that is when I knew without a doubt, even though we all miss so many faces and places from New York, our little family is going to be just fine in our new home on the other side of the world.

Their will be some changes around here while I look at rebranding and sharing my new adventures in Auckland, but most of all I’m excited about just writing again. Besides running, writing is such a release for me!

In the meantime, seeing as the holidays are coming up I’d love for you to share your tips for traveling with kids.

Heck knows I’ve got a ton of tips after several 32 hour journeys with one toddler and then this most recent trip around the world with 2, but I’m sure you’ve got your own as well for train, bus and car.

Welcome back dear readers!

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One Response to New Adventures in New Zealand
  1. Shani
    December 11, 2013 | 7:48 am

    Wow a lot has happened in such a short while! Traveling with two kids must have been a little frazzling. I do understand the trip you took though, as I did the same trip exactly one year ago for Christmas. As Samara and I are both carriers of the Sickle Cell gene, we had to keep walking regularly throughout the whole trip to make sure our blood was circulating properly.

    Samara was so sick on the way down that the only real trouble I had was getting her to eat, but I thought it was going to be worse. Though I did specifically go to Toys R’ Us and buy her the InnoTab2 learning game to play with (a pre-Christmas gift she was delighted to open!). Having a carry-on suitcase FULL of toys and books to read helped tremendously, not to mention the in-flight movies she had her pick of watching. On the way back these items turned out to be very handy for my very active child who was feeling much better, especially when we were laid over in Los Angeles.

    I do wish you and your family all the best life has to offer and yes, write that book!
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