Mommy Mindset: When is Too Young for Sweets

Sweets! When is too young to have a sweet treat? Who was the first person to give your little one something sweet to eat? Are sweets a treat in your family or *gasp* an everyday food?

Ashley: My son is only 14 months, so no, he does not get sweets every day, or often at all. He had his first taste of vanilla ice cream at 11 months and LOVED it. Surprise surprise! He of course had cake at his first birthday, and I’ve let him have a cookie, ice cream, or cake every once and awhile. Usually just if we are out to a nice restaurant and it is a special occasion. He has enough energy as is. He does not need the extra sugar!

Gena: We were anti sweets with our first, but then we became house parents at a children’s home when he was 15 months old. He quickly learned about sweets and candy and we are still fighting this battle at 3 1/2. It’s so hard when everyone thinks its so cute to give kids candy….they’re everywhere!!!

Lena: I don’t think my daughter knew anything about the sweets until just was 24 months. Occasional birthday parties don’t count. Grandparents always tried to snick something. In their opinion sweets make kids grow good and kind (I am not joking). Since she started sweets, her brother got exposed to it too. He started sweets when he was roughly over 12 mo.

Gena: Grandparents…I guess they always have to spoil their grandkids, right?? Both of my boys didn’t have any sweets until their first birthday cake. Can I just say how much I loathe people feeding stuff to my babies without asking? It’s like…here, 9 month old, have some frosting. um, no.

Leila: I don’t remember who gave who their first sweet. I think my daughter got pumpkin pie and whipped cream at her first Thanksgiving so she was 11 months old. Even now at 4 and 6, they get sweets as a “treat”, but it’s fairly rare. I’d say less than once a week? We aren’t big fans of sweets and frankly, my kids would prefer fruits and water over candy and juice any day!

Ashley: I’ll admit, it was me who gave me son his first taste of sweets aka the ice cream. It was St. Patrick’s Day and I figure what the hey! We were just in a celebratory mood and we were just 2 weeks from his first birthday. My parents are anti-sweets so I doubt he gets any sugar when he’s with them. We aren’t really a “sweets” family, so like I said before, it only happens on the rarest of occasions.

Valerie: I don’t really remember when they got their first sweets – prob around their first birthday. Now at 5 and 7 – I do limit them but they get them.

Ghada: I can’t remember who gave my son his first sweets either but it was probably me or my husband. It’s not an everyday treat and I don’t stress about it too much as he has a love of fruits, veg and water instilled in him. We’ve taught him to reach for an apple or banana and make sure he can always easily find them.

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2 Responses to Mommy Mindset: When is Too Young for Sweets
  1. JanetGoingCrazy
    Twitter: janetgoingcrazy
    June 22, 2012 | 11:36 am

    Yep, the grandparents, that’s where it all starts. My parents have a chest of drawers in their kitchen that they intended to use for extra dishes and storage. Now two of the four drawers are filled with candy! My stepmom works at a grocery store so she buys the holiday candy when it’s on sale.
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  2. Headant
    Twitter: headant
    December 18, 2012 | 3:37 am

    Grandparents are notorious for not following a “no candy” order. My MIL actually says they “need” to have candy and other sweets.
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