Lookout for Fatty Friday Back Soon

Please welcome Janet as my guest poster today. I asked he if she would be willing to share her journey through weight loss, and she has been candid enough to share it here with you. I hope you will show her some love – leave a comment, and visit her blog. ~ Ghada

Fatty Friday at GoingCrazy!! WannaGo??!!I talk a little on my blog about my weight loss struggles, but it always helps to share it around in other places. When Ghada said she wanted some guest posts about real life, this is the first thing I thought about. I haven’t updated my own readers about my struggle lately so maybe this will inspire me to get back into gear. :)

Hubby and I started a new eating plan in May 2010 when we were both at our highest. I was 345.6 lbs on May 1, 2010 and he was over 450 lbs. We were working with a company who provided a high protein, little to no carbs, diet combined with weekly weigh-ins, appetite suppressants, and B12/B6 combo shots weekly. Around October/November 2010, I had lost almost 90 lbs and I was somewhere around 255-260. Hubby had lost over 160 lbs and was teetering on going under 300 lbs. Then, the Holidays hit.

Hubby had hit a plateau and the center we were going to recommended that he have a “cheat day” and then restart the eating plan (which consisted of protein only for 3-5 days before incorporating vegetables again). So, we both took a cheat day, which turned into a weekly cheat day, which turned into every Thursday after we weighed in we would gorge on Mexican food, then eat all weekend, and frantically diet on Monday-Thursday again hoping we would lose.

We decided we would eat during the Holidays which turned into Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, January (not really a Holiday, but we were on a roll!), The Boy’s Birthday and Valentine’s Day in February, My Birthday in March, and then we just gave up.

We tried to go back to the center and restart, but then the brakes were broken on the Jeep so we couldn’t go weigh in. No weigh in, no need to diet, right??!! The brakes got fixed and then the A/C in the Jeep broke and we couldn’t subject The Boy to an hour drive in 100 degree weather. Excuses, excuses…and the eating got worse.

Eventually, although the A/C wasn’t fixed, the weather was nicer, and we were feeling CRAPPY AND FAT!! We went back the week before Christmas 2011 and started back full time and were determined to make it happen again. I had gained almost 60 lbs and Hubby had gained almost 100 lbs. We made it through the holidays and lost a little here and there, but after a couple of weeks things just got bad again.

Now we are back into Summer, the A/C is still not fixed, and we STILL feel FATTER and CRAPPIER!! We are hoping to have the money to start into a similar program in our own town that has recently opened and this should make things harder to make “excuses”. I miss the support and the ease of the previous program, but I think we have yo-yo dieted that diet out of being effective for us.

I have a series on my blog that I have started several times called “Fatty Friday” where I talk about my weight loss struggles and as soon as we get started on this new program (probably around June 1 when I get paid) then this series will start back up. Watch for the Fatty Friday image if you are interested in reading about our journey – second time around.

GoingCrazy!! WannaGo??!!Janet is a full time work outside the home mommy of one fast and furious four year old. She rambles on about life and stuff at GoingCrazy!! WannaGo??!! She also talks some about her passion, Child Safety, as well as reviews family-friendly products and hosts a ton of giveaways.

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6 Responses to Lookout for Fatty Friday Back Soon
  1. Gena
    May 25, 2012 | 11:46 am

    Thanks for sharing this story, Janet (and Ghada!) Hubby and I lost a lot of weight last Spring, but it’s coming back! We need to get back on it, but it’s hard when it’s so hot and we have no motivation! LOL! Good luck to you and your hubs, Janet!!!!
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  3. olfa
    May 25, 2012 | 12:32 pm

    Thanks for sharing this with us! I am struggling with my weight right now! I think the holiday treats were too much delicious to resist. Now I need to get back on track! I will definitely follow your journey
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  4. LaVonne
    Twitter: longwait4bella
    May 25, 2012 | 12:52 pm

    Keep it up Janet. I know you and your husband can do it. I think Fatty Friday sounds like a fun meme/hop. After my 2nd is born (due June 5), I am going to join Weight Watchers to lose not only this baby weight but also the 15lbs I was overweight when I got pregnant. Not looking forward to it (I love eating!) but it is something I must take care of. I will have to stop by and check out Fatty Fridays!
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  5. Mina Slater
    Twitter: Mina_Slater
    May 26, 2012 | 10:48 am

    Thank you Janet for sharing this! My mother is also experiencing this and she has diabetes to boot. I will definitely be watching out for the restart of your series and sharing your journey with my mother…maybe keeping up with you will help encourage her to keep up the fight a well.

    Thank you Ghada for having Janet share this on your blog. You both rock!
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