What I Love Wednesday: Thinking, Celebrations and Breathing

Rainy wet winter has finally arrived in Auckland and I have to admit it has been a struggle to stay motivated (and at times warm) over the past week. Not a day passed that wasn’t full of rain. The days that are the worst are the ones where it buckets down for about 10 minutes solid then stops and the sun never comes out – this repeats itself every hour non stop for 24 hours…yep, we had a few days like that last week. I kept it positive by getting to the gym first thing in the morning – great way to get the blood pumping and keep temps up for the day. I also  know I feel more positive when I’m creating, doing, being part of something. So apart from my 2 lovely bright sparks who always bring a smile to my face, I made sure to keep busy both physically and mentally to bust through the dreary days. So onto what I’m loving right now!

Everybody wants happiness and nobody wants pain…But you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.

I’m loving wearing my purple gumboots around town // watching Mr P’s 6-7 year old soccer team celebrate after every game, win, lose or draw // That same Mr P’s confidence growing at school, and in the pool // tech startups making my life easier by creating software that helps download my instagram photos and  clear my inbox of junkmail and clutter // Planning a quiet birthday and a bigger 10 year wedding anniversary // Examining my life’s work and purpose while simultaneously reading Lisa Bloom’s Think…an eye opener and a game changer for any woman juggling work, personal life and family in this day and age // Watching my Canadian friends’ July 1st celebrations and then later my American friends’ cookouts and fireworks via Facebook and Instagram and feeling almost like I was there // Being able to breathe through 2 year old meltdowns caused by nap strikes // Also breathing through a small car altercation that had me more perplexed than anything (a builder reversed into my parked family wagon in a rather large parking lot…while I was sitting in the car about to start it up) // After months and months of rest and rehabilitation, feeling as if my knee and ankle are mended?? (I’ll put it as a question so that I don’t jinx it)

How about you, what’s got you feeling good!

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