Coupon for Gazillion Bubbles Tickets

Be dazzled by new spellbinding lasers, spectacular lighting effects, and awesome display’s of bubble artistry. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will blow you away.  A bubble-laser spectacular that will amaze everyone with mind blowing bubble magic.  Step into an interactive bubble world that will make you smile, laugh, and feel like a kid again!  An unbubblievable extravaganza unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Adults and children of all ages are sure to be enchanted.  Treat yourself, your friends and your family.  You have to experience it to believe it!

What the Critics are Saying  says, ‘Got Kids? You NEED to see the Gazillion Bubble Show!’
Time Out NY says, ‘Dazzling succession of bubbles in mind-blowing configurations.. 4 Stars!’ 
Regis Philbin says “Spectacular!  Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen Before!’
The NY Times calls GBS ‘Enchanting’
David Letterman calls GBS, ‘The World’s Greatest Bubble Show!’

Performance Schedule

Wed 11am & 2pm, Sat at 11am, 2pm, & 4:30pm; Sun at 12 & 3pm. They also do birthday parties! Call or visit their website to find out more.

A discount for you!

Pick up a coupon to get $38 ticket for all performances through 8/29/12 by clicking this link.

disclosure: I am receiving complimentary tickets to this performance in exchange for posting about this discount for my readers.

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