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What I Love Wednesday: The Healthy Edition

This edition of what I love Wednesday is dedicated to all things health – health in love, emotional and physical well-being! My husband and I recently celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary – yeah us! We were able to sneak away for 3 nights and 3 days to Rotorua for a couple only weekend thanks to my inlaws and sister-in-law who took turns watching the kiddos. Though we returned to Little Miss developing a slight ear infection 2 days later, the downtime and peace and tranquility of being “alone” while together with each other was so positive.

Mud pools at Hell's Gate in Rotorua

The weekend was relaxing, rejuvenating and just plain fun! I can’t remember the last time Mr BAM and I had more than a couple of hours alone together, let alone days. It hasn’t always been easy with both sets of grandparents not always in the same city or even same country. The extra sleep, a little too much chocolate and 42 Below Vodka was just the kickstart I needed before the official start of my Auckland Half Marathon training. I’m following a 12 week plan over 14 weeks giving myself a little leeway with upcoming trips and possible “bad” weeks brought on by illness or heaven forbid injury (knock bloody hard on wood!) – I’ll share my half marathon plan with you later this week.

So  with week one of my half marathon training down and week 2 off to a fantastic start, here is what I am lovin’ right now!

A rainy hour in Auckland followed by rainbows // training for a half marathon // running hills //going to the gym! // running with Mr P // conversation about “in true life” with Mr P…makes me wonder what alternate world he lives in :) // runs pushing a stroller with Little Miss // green grass and colorful trees // running in the rain // feeling strong // Trialing Motivate Me NZ, an inspiring virtual place for women //extra cuddles with poorly kiddos (don’t like the sick part, but love the cuddles // more sunshine than not in recent days // Super moon photos throughout my Facebook Newsfeed // early nights in bed //crater gazing and beautiful beaches and landscapes in Auckland //and I could go on…

Check out one of Auckland's many volcanoes on a lazy Sunday

Lucky to call St Heliers "my" beach


How’s your week shaping up?

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What I Love Wednesday: Sunshine and Blue Skies

Can’t believe we are well over halfway through the year! The rain is easing at least for a few days, sun is shining and it’s Wednesday! Here’s what I’m loving :)

The smell of laundry drying in the sunshine // sunshine sparkling on the ripple water at the beach // beautiful views near my house // snuggles in bed with my favorite kiddos // post workout bliss // singing in the car // burning sunshine on my cheeks through the glass of the car // blue skies and crisp morning // homemade soup with lots of carrots // 

Though we’ve got a winter vacation planned for September down to Wanaka, I feel like spring is just around the corner.

My favorite view of Rangitoto Island just minutes from my house.

How’re you staying upbeat through winter?

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What I Love Wednesday: Thinking, Celebrations and Breathing

Rainy wet winter has finally arrived in Auckland and I have to admit it has been a struggle to stay motivated (and at times warm) over the past week. Not a day passed that wasn’t full of rain. The days that are the worst are the ones where it buckets down for about 10 minutes solid then stops and the sun never comes out – this repeats itself every hour non stop for 24 hours…yep, we had a few days like that last week. I kept it positive by getting to the gym first thing in the morning – great way to get the blood pumping and keep temps up for the day. I also  know I feel more positive when I’m creating, doing, being part of something. So apart from my 2 lovely bright sparks who always bring a smile to my face, I made sure to keep busy both physically and mentally to bust through the dreary days. So onto what I’m loving right now!

Everybody wants happiness and nobody wants pain…But you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.

What I Love Wednesday: Eyebrows, Hammies and Cosy Toes

Happy Wednesday! What better way to get through hump day and middle of the week slump than to recognize all the great people, spaces and places that are bringing sunshine to an otherwise rainy winter in Auckland. So without further ado, here goes!

Cheap and cheerful ugg boots (fake ones!) to keep my feet warm // Eyebrow threading to rejuvenate my tired eyes // Superfruits tea on a  cold morning // Clipper Organic White Tea with raspberry as a warming afternoon drink // My high powered Optimum 9400 blender is making baking, smoothies and all kinds of healthy treats mega easy to create // #radicalselflovejuly with @galadarling // Joining up to a friendly new gym, setting new fitness goals and finally strengthening up my hammies and glutes with the hopes of less run injuries // Planning fun things to do with Mr P over his school holidays //

An honorable mention for the powerful #LikeAGirl campaign – watch the video below and see what you think. I’m definitely inspired to choose my words wisely especially in front of my son and daughter. After all, actions speak louder than words.

What’s rocking your life at the mo’?

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