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New York rudest city in the US, no way!

Here is my response to Travel & Leisure Magazine naming New York the rudest city in the US. What do you think? Do you agree? What about you Boston and Washington, you make the top 3 – do you consider your city the rudest?

Week 2 Catch up {Video}

This week’s video is a quick and dirty update as Big Monkey was away so my mother came to stay and help out with the little monkeys.

New year’s resolution or 3 words to live by {Video}

I have many things I’d like to do on this blog this year, and though I can’t share all of them (cause then you wouldn’t come back) I can tell you I’d like to do more video. So for my first one I talk about resolutions, 3 words and my 100 list. If you’ve got some ambitious goals for 2012, please make sure to share them in the comments or add a link to your post on resolutions. I’d love to hear them and offer support where I can, and ask for your support in return :)

Keep in mind this is my first video in a long time. I promise the quality and sound will get better as the year goes on, so stick with me.

If you’re interested in  my running goals for 2012, you can find them here.

Also, just as I posted this I noticed that BlogHer has also done a story on the concept of 3 words, you might want to check it out.