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Wordless Wednesday: Record One Day Snowfall in Montreal

From sun up to sun down, the snow just kept on falling for one day during our trip to Montreal this past December. Well, their really was no sun up, just alot of snow and a grey sky. A record accumulation of 40 cm of snow in one snowfall on December 27, 2012 falling just 2 days short of a white Christmas. The record was 39 cm in ’69! It was cold, but it was fun…Makes the weather we are having in NYC at the moment seem like a walk in a spring park.

Little Miss and Me enjoying the flurries - did you know it's warmest when it snows?

Mr BAM and my Dad shoveling an entry to the garage

Mr BAM and Little Miss hanging in the fresh powder

Dixie Dog assessing the situation before she heads outside

Did you get a chance to relax over the holidays? What was the weather like?

Webkinz Friends App for iPad and Great for Travel

Over the holidays, our family will be traveling by bus to my parents. One of our tricks for keeping the kids happy and entertained is to load up the iPad with new games and fun things to do for both Mr 5 years old and now even little sister at 1 years old is getting in on the act!

I recently had the chance to review cuddly plush Webkinz toys and its accompanying online world, so I was interested when I heard they now have a free iPad app. The iPad is by far the device that my kids prefer playing on. It is also my preference as it is the most sturdy. They can poke, and swipe quite easily and I don’t have to cringe as they bang it with their little fingers. We have house rules on how to treat all devices “nicely”, but sometimes their manual dexterity can’t keep up with what is required of a game especially on the computer.

How to Make Going Home Awesome

As the Holidays approach, I hear people complaining about returning home. You can’t change your family so hopefully they are not the reason you are dreading going home. But if they are, hopefully you can take a deep breath, remember the good times and make the most of being with people that have in some way or another impacted your life. If you are still struggling with being around family, perhaps you can at least fall in love with your hometown again.

As you are reading this, I will be pulling off one of the biggest surprises I have kept in a long time. I am so good at keeping other people’s secrets, but my own, not so much! I am in Montreal, surprising my sister for her 40th birthday. It is a super quick trip, but I can’t wait to be back in Montreal if only for a short while. I never tire of visiting my family and my hometown – Montreal is so rich in culture. Below are the 2 tips I try to remember every time I go home.

See home through the eyes of your kids

Las year was my first Canadian winter in over 7 years. Mr BAM and I travelled with Mr 4 year old and Little Miss who was only a few months old at the time. I only left the house to visit family and friends, but most enjoyed curling up in the warmth of my parent’s house. I thought to myself, how did I grow up in these minus 30 temps! Mr BAM on the other hand embraced all that makes winter fun for kids. He put on his snowboard pants, gloves, layered up and then bundled Mr 4 up as well. They went outside and made snow angels, he pulled him along the sidewalk on a sleigh and they made a teeny tiny snowman dubbed “snow penguin” because it was so small. It was such a small amount of snow compared to how much it can snow in Canada, but they made the most of it and had so much fun. It was my son’s first snowman making experience and nearly a year later he still talks about it.

First Canadian snowfall just before Christmas 2011

Live it up like a tourist

Check out your hometown’s Tourism department and see what they recommend doing over the holidays. You might be surprised at what is on offer or at the very least reminded of a spectacular aspect of your hometown. I follow Tourism Montreal on Facebook and their posts always surprise me and reignite my love of the city where I was born and lived for the first 23 years of my life. Just recently they posted a picture of Avenue McGill that I found breathtaking – this is a street I walked day after day during my 4 years at McGill University, but I’d forgotten all about the dazzling Christmas lights and Fantastic Holiday window displays that dot this area of Downtown Montreal.

Image courtesy of Susan Moss, Montreal Tourism

Do you look forward to going home for the Holidays?

Easy Trip Planning with Gogobot: Washington DC

This year has raced by and I am already planning my next travel adventures. In 2013, our little family has weddings to get to, trips we won to claim, family to visit and so much more. I can spend endless amounts of hours trying to find the rights places to eat and visit when on vacation. I use to only worry about accommodation and let the rest fall into place when I travelled on my own. But with the kids, I think it pays to be prepared. That’s why I enjoyed getting ideas for one of the first trips I will take next year with the help of Gogobot.

In 2013 I will run my first half marathon since the birth of Little Miss. In my short running career, I have 2 half marathons under my belt – one road race and one offroad, both of them I ran in New Zealand. I’ve been steadily clocking up the miles in the past couple of months and have been looking at what races I’d like to do next year. Their are a few New York races that are a given, but I’ve always wanted to run an all-female race. Something about pounding through the streets with only women would be empowering. So, I was so excited to see an announcement for the inaugural Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington in April 2013! An all women’s race in a destination I’ve always wanted to visit.

Photowalk Through The Roosevelt New Orleans, A Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

The last couple of days have been positively frigid in the mornings brrrrr! Thankfully yesterday by school pick up time it was warm and sunny out. But, I can’t help but think back to those hot and humid days from just a mere month ago – wish I could have them back!

I was in New Orleans at the end of August where I enjoyed hot sticky evenings and nights on the streets of the French Quarter. The days were not as sticky, seeing as I was mainly indoors for The Niche Mommy Conference at The Roosevelt.

Here are just a few pics of the decedence and  from inside The Roosevelt – enjoy!

lobby of The Roosevelt

Great Wolf Lodge Poconos : A Children’s Book Come to Life #HuffPuffBAM

My passport to fun for the weekend

Whenever I hear of Great Wolf Lodge (GWL), I only hear good things – the Waterpark, the Wolves and Storytime are often what is most talked about with great smiles.

What struck me as soon as I walked in was the atmosphere – like a children’s book come to life.