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Non-Toxic DIY Fingerpaint in 5 Minutes or Less

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I was so excited to have made our own bright and colorful fingerpaints using only yogurt and food coloring. It takes no time at all, and this DIY alternative to store bought fingerpaints is cost effective and quick to make. Plus its always great to be able to make the colors and quantities that you want. My Little Miss has just entered into one of those growth spurt periods where suddenly she is learning and exploring at an exponential rate. With this growth, Mama needs to come up with new ways for her to experience the world around her. I thought back to what Mr P liked when he was this age, around 20 months and my mind went to tactile activities like fingerpaint and play-doh.

Introducing PLAY-DOH Board Books for Growing Minds

Thanks to Mom Spark Media, I received 5 PLAY-DOH books published by Silver Dolphin Books for review. These books have been a fantastic edition to our house where Little Miss (18 months) is learning new words everyday. The best part is that Mr P (5 years old) can read the books to her and so far they have enjoyed some quiet time together – him teaching her from the books.

As soon as the books arrived, Little Miss grabbed them from my hand and anxiously wanted to read them. They are colorful, sturdy and the glossy feel that comes with board books obviously feels good in her hands. The fact that animals feature throughout the book is great, because while she is learning concepts like numbers and colors, she also chimes in with animal noises. Each book is somewhat different in its concept as well as one is a lift-the-flap, which Little Miss loves the most.

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A Global Adventure for kids with Little Passports

Inside Little Passports World Explorer Kit

I was given the opportunity to enroll in Little Passports, a monthly subscription service that is a global online adventure for kids. Our family is rooted in travel – I met my husband in New Zealand while on a one year work visa after graduating from University in Canada. That happened in 1999, and since then my husband I have lived in 2 different continents, 3 countries and 4 cities while traveling in between all that moving. So travel is important to us, it is as much a learning experience (if not more!) as going to school.

Of course, attending school is important, so it is not logical (or affordable) to just pull Mr P out of school for jaunts around the world. But seeing as he and Little Miss have great-grandparent, grandparents and family in Canada (my parents) as well as great-grandparent, grandparents and family in New Zealand it is even more important for them to understand the world around them.

Our first month subscription box for the World Explorer Kit arrived and as soon As Mr P saw the blue suitcase, he loved it and wanted to know everything about it. We’ve drawn maps before to show him where his grandparents are in relation to us, but he’s never had a wall size map. We spent a long time just looking at the map. Included was also a boarding pass with a secret code to a website full of fun activities, a passport, stickers, a welcome letter and a worksheet. Seeing as he is a pirate-in-training, he loved cracking codes and learning new words in different languages – this month was ‘hello’ in different languages. It was also fun reinforcement of his reading skills by reading the letter from the Little Passport’s travelers Sam and Sofia.

Wordless Wednesday: A First Easter Egg

The floodgates have been opened…She had her first Easter egg and it was good!

Family Travel Sleep Tips for Kids on the Open Road

Tips to help kids nap on roadtrips

We’ve all played endless rounds of I spy with my little eye or had sing-a-longs on road trips, but sometimes the easiest thing for everyone involved is for the kids to sleep peacefully in the back seat. If the trip is short enough and relative to their normal nap time, crafting it so that your little darlings fall asleep might just be the best thing to do. Even with toddlers who no longer take naps, the lull of the engine purring out on the open road could very well send them off to lala land.

Medication Safety: Keeping Your Kids Safe at Home

With a 16 month old and a 5 year old in the house, it is sometimes hard to keep up with how quickly they are growing everyday. Each of them is as inquisitive and industrious as the other – when they want to get to something or do something, they come up with every trick in the book. Just recently, my 5 ear old surprised me with his bottle of vitamins alerting me to it being time to take his regular dose. I was gobsmacked! He wasn’t meant to be able to reach his vitamins, they were sitting in a cupboard alongside cold & flu medication as well as other far from kid-friendly pills. I’ve since changed where I put these harmful pills, as I realize how easy it was for him to grab his step stool and get into this potentially dangerous cupboard.