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Can a Mom Have it All Working Night Shift?

Working nights is no joke. It is a double-edged sword in that you can enjoy your children by day while continuing to work  your brain and further your career by night but, and it is a big ‘ole BUT, how you manage your sleep and what little free time you have is an art form in and of itself.

Some have said working a night shift is the perfect solution for the mom looking to have it all…or is it?

My coffee date after a night of work.

When I left New York, I struck up a deal to continuing working back to the US with the advertising agency I was employed at. A fantastic and trusting team with wonderful flexi-time and work at home options, they were glad to keep me on while our family adjusts to our new life in New Zealand. We agreed that I would finish up with them by the end of January, in just a little over 2 weeks from now. I thought I’d figured out the piece to a puzzle many moms before me tried to put together. I would wake at night, work then stop when my kids woke, get Mr P ready for school, drop him off and spend the morning with Little Miss before she went down for her nap. Sounds like a good plan, no? Especially over New Zealand summer where the country sorta dozes off into a snooze while families vacation and businesses go on slow-mo.

Have you Seen the #KmartBackToSchool Commercial

As part of the #KmartBackToSchool campaign, I am writing this post to introduce you to Kmart’s latest back to school commercial. Have you seen it yet? The commercial features Da Rich Kidzz, a group of kid rappers from Minneapolis ranging in age from 10 – 13 years old. They have teamed up with Kmart and Shop Your Way to make a hip-hop music video all about riding their school bus back-to-school in style. Hence, the name of the video “My Limo”. 

This commercial is a fun and creative take on back-to-school clothes shopping. Let’s face it moms, sometimes shopping for clothes with the kids can be hard, but in the end everyone enjoys rolling back to school in style when they look good. It’s a catchy little tune and the beat is still in my head as I write this. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments.

Kudos to Kmart for taking a talented group of kids and making them the stars of the commercial. Their are some fun lines weaved in about how excited Da Rich Kidzz are about going back to school. My favorite is the boy who is excited when his mom buys him a calculator. Not only can these kids sing and dance, but they are reminding kids that school is cool.

DisclosurePresented by Mami Innovative Media, this is a sponsored post. I am a Kmart #BackToSchool blogger, though all opinions are my own. 

31 Ideas for Moms to Instagram Besides their Kids

Now, if you are following me on instagram, then you know that I am guilty of over-instagramming (is that a word?) my kids. And if you aren’t following me on Instagram, take a minute to go do so now, please. So, this list has been created for you as much as it has for me to help me diversify my instagram updates. But, who am I kidding…I know I will continue to instagram the wholly mole outta my kids cause they are just too darn cute!

Instagram is in the top 3 for social networks I enjoy and find pleasurable. Yes, you can  still ‘do business’ on Instagram, but it is also one of the more personal networks – not alot of spam, not alot of people pushing something with an agenda to serve. Even when an Instagram update is blog/review/sponsor related it is at least interesting because it is visual. I know many a people have taken to instagram quicker than Twitter because hey, for most people a stream of images is much more engaging than a stream of words, links and hashtag (hash what? Talk of Twitter, also in my top 3, for another time).

Snapshot of my instagram feed

Experienced Moms Share their New Mom Must Haves

Even after having Mr P nearly 6 years ago, I still found myself in the hospital wishing I had brought a few extra items to make my hospital stay after the arrival of Little Miss 19 months ago a little bit more tolerable. After all, as the mom you have just given birth to this precious new life – spent hours one way or another getting this baby safely out. Your body is tired, but at the same time you are responsible for this little beings introduction to this whole new world on the outside.

Listen to Your Mother Reading Series

Contest now closed: Congratulations to Nichol Perez who won the tickets!

What are you doing this Mother’s Day? On Sunday, May 12 at 5pm at Peter Norton Symphony Space on New York’s Upper West Side, the Listen To Your Mother Reading Series will give “Mother’s Day a Microphone” as the city and an inspirational group of women and men come together to celebrate motherhood and parenting in a meaningful new way.

Included in the cast of the New York City show are:

  • Former Editor in Chief of Redbook Magazine Stacy Morrison (now Editor in Chief of,
  • Comedian Jaime Fernandez, 
  • New York City creative writing teacher Susan Buttenwieser, 
  • Social justice attorney and LGBT activist Nívea Castro and 
  • Author Tracy Beckerman (whose book Lost in Suburbia: A Momoir came out in early April)
This is only a handful of the talented, inspiring, touching and humorous women who will be on hand to share their stories this Mother’s Day. Each local writer will tell their own tales of motherhood in all of its complexity, diversity, and humor.

Win It!

Would you like a chance to win 2 tickets to the New York city performance? Leave a comment with the one piece of advice that your mom gave you and you swear by today. A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Wednesday, May 8.
Please leave your comment by Tuesday, May 7 at midnight (EST) to be in to win. The winner will pick up their tickets at the box office on the day of the show.
Good Luck and Happy Mother’s Day in advance :)

26 Super Easy Ways to Show Your Kids Love

      1. Make eye contact, even little kids can see what your thinking, how you feel through your eyes
      2. Let them jump on your bed
      3. Say wow and truly be amazed by a story they tell
      4. Give lots of hugs everyday
      5. Say I love you every night
      6. Say I love you every morning
      7. Turn off your phone, tablet, computer and give them your full attention
      8. Go for a walk and see the world through their eyes
      9. Hold up in their bedroom and play with their toys, be silly
      10. Teach your child deep breathing, it is a great skill that will come in handy now and in their adult lives when dealing with stress
      11. Don’t just give them everything they want, teach them the value of everything
      12. Don’t be afraid to say no
      13. Help them explore what they love and find their passion
      14. You can never spoil and child with too many cuddles
      15. Celebrate all achievements, no matter how insignificant they are to you, you’ll be building self-confidence in them for the future
      16. Don’t be afraid to get messy in the kitchen or with paintings
      17. Like Men in Black, wipe your memory everyday. Whatever craziness happened yesterday, forget it. Today is a new day, love your children through new eyes
      18. Remind them how lucky you feel to have them as your child
      19. Make your child laugh, the great thing is that you’ll feel great too
      20. Do what they want to do once in awhile
      21. Don’t ever let your child have to say your name to get get your attention more than 2 times
      22. Play board games, card games or puzzles
      23. When you play a game, let them win
      24. Frame their art work
      25. Keep their homework
      26. Dance together

Board games, though not always played by the rules are always fun

 I’d love to hear how you make sure your child feels love every single day?

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I’m looking forward to sharing our Happy Family Project with you, and I hope it inspires you to define your family’s happiness too.