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Lost in Translation

In this video I discuss a few words and expressions that I use every day that are not used the same way here in North America as they were in New Zealand (for example in New Zealand we say “nappy” as opposed to “diaper”).

I describe some situations where my use of Kiwi English confuses people here…especially with my ‘accent’.

And finally I go over how lost in translation I am with the weather, still needing to convert Farenheit to Celsius in order to really know what the temp is going to be.

You’d think being born in one English speaking country (Canada), living for nearly a decade in another (New Zealand) and then relocating back to North America wouldn’t cause so much confusion.

Have you ever had a lost in translation moment while on vacation or after relocating? Are you aware of a phrase or word that is relevant only to where you live?

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How I Remember Christchurch, Earthquake Anniversary

Christchurch Humor, Christmas 2010, post Sept 2010 Earthquake, pre Feb 2011 earthquake

A year ago on February 22, Christchurch, New Zealand was devastated by an earthquake magnitude 6.3 that claimed hundreds of lives – fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, brothers, and sisters. I lived in Christchurch from February 2003 to July 2010, missing the first horrible earthquake by mere months. Even though I had moved to Auckland by then, it still affected me and I still think about Christchurch often.

My friend Bex Davies wrote this account for the NZ Herald of what life in Christchurch is like for her and her kids 1 year on from the earthquake. It’s beautifully written,  I was saddened by how her children now play “earthquake”.

New Zealanders everywhere both in Christchurch and overseas will be observing a moment’s silence at 12:51 PM (NZT) / 6:51 PM(EST) to commemorate one of the country’s darkest times in history.

Below are some pictures of Christchurch before I left, before the earthquake.

Lots of Love Multi Healing Balm Review and Giveaway

Welcome to the Lots of Love Giveaway Event. This event is hosted by And The Little Ones Too, Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink, Seeds of Life, and Taking Time For Mommy. This event features giveaways with a value of $25 or more at each of the participating blogs! Be sure to visit each blog from the linky below and enter for your chance to win! This event will close on February 14th at 11:59 pm EST. Don’t forget to hop on over to the other blogs once you have entered my giveaway.

I am pleased to be giving away a year’s supply of Multi Healing Balm (MHB). Also known as the “go to balm”, MHB can be used in so many situations. A smart mama would be silly to be without. I’ve recently started cloth diapering my 3 month old, and though I love the practice, the super absorbent inserts can sometimes be a real killer on my hands. After stuffing a few diapers to have at the ready, my hands can feel dry and stripped of their natural oils. I’ve found that rubbing a small amount of the lotion into my hands before stuffing the diapers has helped as a bit of a barrier. My hands are definitely thanking me for using MHB, not only are they protected, but after a few weeks they actually feel softer than they were before. I’m cursed with eczema when the temperature plummets or when I find my hands in water more (like when taking care of cloth diapers), but MHB has been a lifesaver  my hands are smooth and no longer itchy.

Cool tip for mamas

The convenient 50ml tube means you can carry this in your purse, diaper bag or even stash it in the glove box of your car. During these cold winter days our hands take a beating and MHB can help. I only need a small amount when I rub it into my hands, so the tube is going to go a long way.

Because Multi Healing Balm is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic the whole family can use it for a variety of scrapes, bruises and bumps. My 4 year old has been falling over and scraping his knees A LOT lately (I blame it on a growth spurt!). I’ve rubbed it into his knee to sooth the burning and to help the skin heal. The fragrance not only reminds me of New Zealand, but it is soothing and relaxing. This is a product after my own heart, as it was developed by Jodee Reid in New Zealand, using oils that have been used by Maori (new Zealand indigenous people) for centuries to cure many illnesses.

Buy it!

Get free shipping worldwide and the more you buy, the better the savings.

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Traditional New Zealand Boozy Trifle Recipe

single serve trifle

single serve trifle

At Christmas I wanted to make dishes to celebrate New Zealand, the country I used to call home for 8 years before relocating to New York. I had thought of making a pavlova, but they are pretty tricky and I wanted to actually succeed not frustrate myself in the process of making something. I decided to make Single Serve Boozy Trifle! My husband’s granny is the queen of Trifle and it is her contribution to Christmas dinner every year. As someone who wishes I was an amazing baker (and isn’t), trifle is so simple. Once you have all the ingredients, you don’t have to be very specific with how things are measured out and it is a no bake dessert. You’ll see my recipe is very rough and ready – that’s how I like to bake, kinda a la Nigella Lawson just throwing things together.

The best part is that Trifles should be made in glass bowls or glasses, so though simple to make they look very elaborate. I only managed a quick pic on my phone of the ones I created, so I’ve created a Pinterest Board of some Terrific Trifles – yum, yum. The traditional New Zealand Trifle is with raspberry and/or kiwi fruit but I was amazed to find pumpkin, gingerbread and loads of other kinds of Trifle. Check out the various kinds – you might find one works as a sweet treat for Valentine’s day.

Waitangi Day in New York

Celebrate Waitangi Day (Feb 6) in style at Icebreaker, Soho with KEA NY and the Kiwi Club. Enjoy traditional NZ food and wine, great NZ company and take advantage at the event of an amazing offer from Icebreaker – 40% off Icebreaker product purchased in store (*excluding already discounted merchandise).

Purchase tickets through Eventbrite.

For more information like this, follow the social club for New Zealanders in the New York region on Facebook.

Shopper’s Delight: a walk from Fulton Mall to the Dekalb Market

Dekalb Ave station is right outside the market

Dekalb Ave station is right outside the market

The Dekalb Markets are boasting a slightly different from the usual Sant-A-Box. Unfortunately, Santa was back in the North Pole and is only at the markets to meet boys and girls on the weekends. Thankfully Monkey #1 was not upset, he liked the idea that Santa was busy getting his toys together. Secondly, I may have discovered an area of Brooklyn what will likely become my shopping dream spot – from outdoor Fulton Mall to the Dekalb Markets.

Get everything you need on your Christmas shopping list in this short radius, which is a bonus if shopping with kids. The Mall has iconic Macy’s, Cookie’s Children’s department store, endless discount shoe shops and electronic stores. I’ll be back to get new running shoes as I saw my dream Nikes that retailed for $250 in New Zealand only $60 here, oh, oh! Of course the Mall is more frantic than the Market but it’s still a good one stop shop area to cross items off your list. Plus, the lights are stunning at night – Monkey #1 even enjoyed the lights off in the daytime and the Christmas trees.

entrance to Dekalb Market from the Flatbush Ave Extension side

entrance to Dekalb Market from the Flatbush Ave Extension side

The feel at the Market was very laid back, with friendly shop owners (many of them the artisans themselves) and the local Brooklyn radio station setting up to spin some beats in the sunshine. Again so much to choose from. With handmade jewelry, clothes and toys just some of what was on offer, there are also yummy eateries at the heart of the market.

Down Under Bakery (DUB) Pies was representing for the whanau. Kiwi pies in Brooklyn, choice bro!

Down Under Bakery (DUB) Pies was representing for the whanau. Kiwi pies in Brooklyn, choice bro!

Even though Santa was not there, we got to visit his “box” which satisfied my little dude.

A variety of food to choose from including mini-donuts, pies, cupcakes and breakfast fare. Seeing as we both have a sweet tooth we opted for Cupcakes at Robicelli’s which were yummo. We grabbed The Hansel (Gingerbread cake, white chocolate pudding, speculoos buttercream, white chocolate dipped gingerbread man), Milk & Cookies (Brown sugar chocolate chip cake, mascarpone buttercream, chopped chocolate chip cookies) and Chocolate Candy Cane (Chocolate mint cake, peppermint buttercream, crushed candy canes).

It’s worth mentioning that all the shop owners where I went were friendly  and helpful and the quality of what was on offer was top notch. Good people, good prices and local stuff – what more could you ask for. Many of them also offer online shopping. Here are a few of the places I visited and will be sure to return to.

  • Fantastic plush toys and Kawaii goodies from Grumpy Bert (who was far from grumpy!)
  • Rare and vintage toys from Far Far Away Toys  is a must see for if you love Star Wars, Superwoman and vintage Pez dispensers and Hot Wheels
  • Handmade, authentic Australian/New Zealand-style gourmet meat pies at Dub Pies. I didn’t try these, but they deserve a mention just for bringing a bit of New Zealand to Brooklyn
  • Hank and Jojo had lovely kid’s clothing including their famous retro tube socks. On their website they mention that they support local NICU with these socks – bonus, a company with a heart!
Have you been to the Dekalb Markets? If your not in New York what’s your go-to shopping destination – indoor malls, outdoor malls, online or markets?