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Learning to Accept Compliments and Other Hot Mama Problems

So I can tell you that the last 7 weeks on the Shaklee 180™ weight management program have been so great both for my physical and emotional well being. If you missed it, I did a video post at the end of last month detailing how much weight I’d lost at that point and what else I’d gained. Shaklee is providing me with a total of 6 months worth of products to help me on my journey to better health. I am just finishing up month 2 and can’t believe their are still 4 months to go (in a good way!). Basically my monthly box from the Shaklee Corporation includes 3 tins of non-GMO protein Smoothie mix, metabolic boost pills, tea, meal replacement bars and snack bars. You can see the products here on my personal page and even purchase if you are interested!

Ok, so these are the photos that started it all. The photos that have netted me compliments about how good I am looking. Including from people who don’t even know that I am trying to lose weight.

Classy family, right? :)

– photos from Rachel Knowles Photography

Wordless Wednesday: The Greatest Show on Earth in Brooklyn

Our entire family had never been to the a traditional circus performance before. Though we had to leave Little Miss at home cause it was a little too late at night, we all had an unforgettable night! The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Built to Amaze Show was truly spectacular! From the dancing elephants, to the acrobatic couples, their were laughs and true amazement from all of us. Check out a few of my pics from the Brooklyn show at the Barclays Center, and check their website for the dates they are playing in your area.

Turn the volume on by mousing over the top left hand side of the above video! Click anywhere on the image to see it again.

On the Go Headache & Pain Relief with UrgentRX

I used to have recurring migraines, and they would come on unexpectedly. I don’t get them so much, or with as much intensity, but when I do get a headache I prefer to knock it on the head rather than let it knock me out. I was interested to hear about the right now pain relief offered by Urgent Rx. What sets Urgent Rx apart from other fast acting pain relief is the portability of the powdered packs; furthermore, you just rip the packet, pour it in your mouth and wait for it to dissolve in record time. Even if you have pain killer pills on you, how many times have you been caught out trying to swallow horse pills without water? Urgent Rx solves this problem.

With spring in the air, I will start running with the kids more often. Mr P likes to scooter alongside me and Little Miss is often pushed in her jogging stroller. I love the company, but what this means is we can’t just finish a run and go home. A run is usually followed by a play in the park or playground. As a mom, I always have enough snack, water and change of clothes for the kids. But somehow, I can catch myself without enough water to rehydrate – oops! This can result in a thudding headache. So off I went to my local Duane Reade in Brooklyn to get my hands on the Urgent Rx Headache Relief to-go.

Home Office Design Inspiration from Dwell Studio and HP

I was invited to a Home Office makeover event with HP and home design expert Christiane Lemieux, who is also the Founder and Creative Director of  Dwell Studio in SoHo, Manhattan. As a mother herself, she has an interesting perspective on home design. She mentioned the same challenges that all the other moms in the room faced with carving out a working space at home, while juggling space for your kids to be kids! Most of us in the room were New York based, so space constraints proved to be our biggest difficulties. As a thanks for taking part in the exclusive blogger event, I was provided with a HP Photosmart 6520 e-All-in-One printer, thank you so much HP! As a side note, I also love meeting fellow Canadians  (Christiane is from Ottawa!) who have branched out and as a bonus doing so well! 

– photo from Zach Jopling

I’m working with HP to offer all kinds of great home-office makeover ideas. was founded on the premise of inspiring beauty within the home, and HP makes it easier and more affordable to create a home office environment that is fun, productive and stylish.

Christiane Lemieux, Founder and Creative Director of Dwell Studio

A Heavy Hearted More FITNESS Half Marathon Recap

I ran the More/Fitness Women’s Half Marathon on Sunday, April 14 and it is a day I will never forget. It will go down in history for me as crossing something off my bucket list that I have wanted to do for a very long time. Though it was my 3rd half marathon, it was the first time that I was running in an all women’s race and in New York City to boot. Two and a third loops of Central Park and I was done

I was so excited about writing this recap, but subsequent horrific and deadly events at the Boston Marathon the next day numbed me, left me unable to write this until now. It’s nearly a week later and my brain is still reeling, my heart is till very heavy. I have spent the past week since my half marathon stretching, doing yoga and walking. I haven’t ran yet, to be honest the ‘thought’ of it makes me a little sad rather than energizing me. I think my body was ready to run again on Thursday, but emotionally I just have not been ready to. On Sunday, I’ve booked myself in for an easy 5 miles. I’m sure it will do me some good both physically as well as emotionally to put the anger and sadness that I have felt post Boston behind me.

Besides the carnage, loss of life and senselessness of it all, the thing that really shook me personally was how  elated I was to have my family cheering me on at the finish line. Mr BAM, Mr P (5 years old) and Little Miss (17 months) were so happy to see me, and I them. I can only imagine how heartbroken it would be to feel responsible as a runner for the injury or death or your personal cheering squad. Mr BAM and I have since talked about future races. Would I expect to see them at the finish line? How would he feel about brining the kids to one of my races? It’s all still blurry but hopefully time will heal all.

The quote above was taken from Kathrine Switzer, the first women ever to official enter and run the Boston Marathon. I thoroughly recommend you read her book, Marathon Woman. It’s a phenomenal read for any woman facing societal challenges and striving to carve out her own path – I  promise, you don’t need to be a runner to enjoy this, strong women only! And if you are a runner then it is a MUST read to understand how easy we have it nowadays as female runners. I chose to share the quote because once upon a time, it was so true – the events in Boston have changed this, but hopefully as a community we will get back there.

Now onto the recap…

The Greatest Show on Earth is Built to Amaze!

Ringling Brothers Circus Built to AMaze!

I’m so excited to be taking Mr P to the Greatest Show on Earth in a couple of weeks time. He really loves live performances and though he has seen musicals and concerts, he has yet to see the circus, I know he will love it!  The newest season of the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus, Built to Amaze! features Andre McClain as Ringmaster, the legendary King Charles Unicycle Troupe, and award winning comedic duo Alex and Irina Emelin. I have to admit that I am just as excited to see the show.

Alex and Irina Emelin from the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus

This year Built to Amaze is playing in 4 venues: Prudential Center, IZOD Center, Nassau Veterans Coliseum and in my very own backyard at the Barclays Center. I’ll be heading to opening night on March 20, and the Brooklyn show will run to April 1.