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What I Learnt from My Computer-Free Weekend

My husband’s office decided to have a short day at work on Friday so that everyone could kick off the long weekend right. That afternoon, we sat on a bench in the playground watching my nearly 10 month old take a few steps. Yep, she’ll be walking any day now. While my nearly 5 year old ran around like a bat outta hell. Today was the anniversary of us arriving in New York. A year ago, we flew well over 18 hours from New Zealand to our new home for the next 3 months in Manhattan, followed by a quick and eventful trip to my parents in Montreal.

We were talking about how we should celebrate. We decided on an early dinner out at a restaurant I’d been wanting to try since we arrived in Brooklyn in December of last year. But, then my husband threw out, “What if we were to have a computer-free weekend?” I think I developed a bit of the cold sweats, but I agreed. I’m so happy that I did as it was just the recharge I needed and I learnt so much about time management, myself and how to be more creative.

Sujo Mojito and Sorbet Martini liquid refreshments for dinner. Yes, he's wearing a medal...long story :)

Here are the 10 things that I learnt or were reaffirmed on my computer-free Labor Day Weekend

Leading Lady 2012/2013 Season Preview

I was lucky enough to preview the upcoming season’s range of Leading Lady, specialist in quality lingerie for mothers-to-be and new moms, as well as full-figure bras, sleep/leisure bras and other specialty lingerie and accessories.  Leading Lady’s Director of Design, Haidee was on hand to explain the intricate details, colors and fabrics that they use on their lingerie.

It is apparent that their lines of camis, bras and other lingerie are well thought out with their attention to detail rivaling most other brands. My personal favorite amongst the nursing bras is the “Baby Sees It” range with patented printed sling that encourages baby to nurse by providing visual stimulation. The red, white and black pattern is an ingenious addition for the baby with the wandering eye.

Rookie USA Kids Store Comes to the Upper West Side NYC

New York’s 5 boroughs are pretty distinct and they also have pockets of neighborhoods often known for their food or their people or a combination of both. When you say “Upper West Side” to any New Yorker, it evokes visions of the stroller mafia – mothers and nannies pushing kids in strollers on wide smooth sidewalks, through family friendly cafes and shops, as well as kids comfortably hooning down the sidewalks on their scooters. The Upper West Side is one of THE neighborhoods to get all you need for your family, from kids to parents./

Their is a new addition to this family friendly neighborhood and it is called Rookie USA. I got the chance to visit the shop on the eve of their grand opening and get a sneak peek at the clothing and kid only cool stuff they would be offering once they opened. With clothing and accessories for infants all the way up to teens and carrying Nike, Levi’s, Converse and Air Jordan you can easily clothe your little athlete from head to toe with hats, shirts, hoodies and jackets, pants and shorts, and shoes.

Not only is this a store, but it is an experience. Check out this custom built shoe chandelier that looms over the shoe department, pretty spectacular!

The Problem with BlogHer was the Bloggers #BlogHer12

My BlogHer started with a private party sponsored by Collective Bias

Or was it the venue? Or was it the amount of Private Parties? Maybe it was the BlogHer sanctioned parties? Their has been a barrage of ‘What went wrong with BlogHer12’ blog posts that I have refused to read until I could write my own wrap up. Of course the murmurings on Twitter and Facebook were hard to ignore, so I thought I must must must get some of my thoughts out before I attend my second ever Blog Conference. BlogHer and the Conference I am on my way to are completely different beasts, it won’t be like comparing apples to apples – and really it is not my intention to compare them. But, I’m sure when they are both over, somewhere in my subconscious  I will make a comparison.

BlogHer offered me some huge learnings, and most of them didn’t happen in the seminars or while watching a panel. One of the things I learnt at BlogHer relates to compassion. I’ve always been obsessed with the notion of compassion and it has only been heightened since moving to New York. I still believe that New York is not the rudest city in the world. Though its inhabitants can clearly be more forthright and bold than people of other North American cities. I’ve even noticed a change in my way of dealing with people now that I live here. We all rush around getting from point A to B, and I’ve seen it countless time, the woman who berates the check out girl who doesn’t check out her order quick enough, the bus driver who looks at me blankly when I say ‘good morning’ as I step on his bus, the businessman who bumps shoulders with the doddering older person as he walks by swiftly – not even attempting a backwards glance and mock apology.

Land’s End Back to School Sneak Peek #LEBTS

During BlogHer I was invited to a sneak peek at Lands End’s back to school fall/winter collection for 2012 thanks to Momtrends. It was interesting to find out more about the thought that goes into the quality and style of everything from clothing, to accessories and backpacks.

I filled up my report card with perfect A’s, learning about how Lands End makes sure that their jeans are built to last with seamless reinforced knees that are first run through this antiquated machine called an abraser. It looks antique, but that is just how they have been made since the 1930’s. I was fascinated by the technology.

With the abraser, Lands End can wear test their jean material, making sure that your child grows out of it first. Rather than the jeans wearing out first. Built to last – I like it!

And the best part is that I could clearly see what the jeans would look like after a certain amount of washes as well.

Back to School Shopping Online with

Our eldest (monkey #1) turns 5 at the end of September, which means at the start of this school year he starts kindergarten! I can’t believe that he will officially start school. Deciding on where he should attend kindergarten has been a huge decision, but now that we are finally settled on where he will go, it is time to get him prepared for this exciting new time in his life.

While at preschool this year, he used to wear a uniform that we purchased in store at Cookies Kids. That was our first experience with the Kid’s Department store and we couldn’t believe just how much selection they had in the lines of kids fashion and school uniforms. So I was truly lucky to have been able to interview one of the son’s of the founders of Cookies Kids. It was easy to purchase his yellow shirt, tie and green pants. He was able to wear them everyday with free dress on Fridays. I have to admit, I really liked the whole uniform thing. No worrying what to wear in the morning, no arguments over clothes, wrinkle free uniform without the need to iron, and you have to admit, he looks pretty smart :)

So now that he is off to public school we have to deal with choosing clothes every day, no uniforms here. In between him growing like a weed and wearing a uniform for the past several months, we are in desperate need of a wardrobe update. I had a look at his clothes, and sure enough he’s outgrown most of his fall/winter clothes from last year. I bagged up his ill fitting shirts and sweaters and donated them down at the local bin.

I decided to shop online at for at least one outfit to get him excited about starting at his new school in a couple of weeks. The great part is that Cookies Kids actually has sets under each of the different age groups. Think of it as a built-in stylist for your child, with matching pants and shirt sets most for either $15 or $25. I chose the last one on the row – jeans and a matching hoodie for $14.99. If you’d like to see what others are buying for Back to School from, follow the conversation on Twitter  using #CookiesKids.

I also decided that he needs a new pair of shoes to fit his personality – fancy sneakers that he could easily dress up or down for daily wear and that should be able to withstand his fast pace. This was probably the hardest to choose, at their is truly a cool selection of name brand sneakers for boys. I narrowed it down to high tops, since he already has traditional sneakers, and then chose a darker pair of Filas.