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Our Family’s 72 Hour Summer Sport Olympics with Rookie USA #RookieUSA

As someone who used to teach physical education to children of all ages, the concept of brain drain and kids gaining weight over summer because they no longer have access to organized physical activity at school saddens me. Maybe it is because sport and being active is a fundamental part of who my husband and I are, but my little rookie is always moving.

That is why I am really looking forward to the launch of a brand new concept store exclusively for fashionable little rookies. A little birdie told me Rookie USA is launching a bricks and mortar shop in NYC in August with local sports legends joining in on the fun – check back here for more details. In the meantime, head over to the Rookie USA website and register to stay in the loop about their website and store launches – they will gift you $20 to be used on your first in-store purchase.

Don’t despair, Rookie USA has plans to launch in other cities as well, so sign up! It will take you less than 5 minutes to fill out the simple form pictured below.

We were lucky enough to have been sent a selection of Rookie USA’s clothes for my 4.5 year old little rookie. We took up the opportunity to stage 72 hours of Olympic inspired sports, celebrating his achievements big and small along the way. He’s a big fan of running, often going on short runs with my husband and I. Dressed in some of the best in kids’ activewear from Nike, Converse and Levi’s from, he had an amazing time. You can check out my little rookie running track, jumping long jump and having good old fashioned summertime fun wearing clothes in this Google + album. I urge you too to make sure that your children keep moving over summer.

Families need to smash the children’s summer weight gain statistic. Rookie USA can help with an amazing selection of clothes for your active little rookie.

I am already familiar with Nike Dri-Fit as a soft breathable fabric, so I knew the Dri-Fit tees and shorts for my little rookie would be a great addition to his wardrobe – and they are.

Fitting Fitness into my Life

I'd like to tone, lift those boobs and flatten that tummy

Ok, at the moment it seems my fitness regime is purely accidental. I know from past experience that I am my most successful with eating right and exercising when I actually have a plan. But, I am flying by the seat of my pants on this one and it doesn’t help that people are actually telling me I look great, and that I’m losing weight.  I am losing weight. This is thanks to lots of walking – I love walking everywhere, you get to see more, explore more, see things others don’t see whizzing by on the bus or in their cars. Walking just fits into my life, so its easy – walk to bring Mr 4.5 to preschool, walk to get the fruit, walk, walk, walk…I suppose if people told me I was gaining weight I would get my A in to G alot quicker.

30 Days and 1 Pair of Birkenstock in New York City

Our family taking in the sights walking the Brooklyn Bridge

Be naturally fit: be yourself by doing the things you love to do.


It has been just a little over a month that I was fitted with a pair of Titanium Birko-Flor Madrid Birkenstock at the FITNESS Blogger Meet & Tweet here in NYC. I had never worn Birks before, but my sister swears by them and one of my fellow conference goers said they were so comfortable she had several pairs at home she used as house slipper – needless to say I was pretty game to try them. Different from any other sandal I’ve ever worn they have a toe box, a heel cup and arch support. I could see why someone like my sister with relatively flat feet loves these. The ridges are quite obvious to the touch the first time you put them on, but the more you wear them, the more they mold to your feet, and this is a good thing.

I couldn’t have been happier with the color I was given to take home as a gift for attending the event. A new season’s color, Titanium goes with so much of my wardrobe as it shimmers in the sunlight, sometimes looking more olive colored, and sometimes looking a little bit more golden.

I’ve worn these bad boys everywhere and consider them a bit of a lifesaver with the warm weather we are having.

Storyland Yoga DVD for Kids Review and Giveaway {Open Worldwide}


My 4.5 year old loves to exercise with both me and my husband – he goes on runs with us, walks, does the occasional jumping jacks and even if he can’t do strength training, he will cheer us on through push ups and sit on his daddy’s tummy while he is doing crunches. We’ve tried a few ‘mommy and me’ exercise programs, but have never found one that we both enjoyed and wanted to do again and again. I’ve been on the lookout for a relaxation program of some sort that we could do together that incorporates physical activity.

I was hoping to be able to help him relax at the end of a long day, calm his brain and his body. Like most kids his age, he is a ball of energy and a sponge for learning, but at the end of the day he has a hard time turning off. This can sometimes translate to frustration, tantrums and other meltdowns. I’ve found that if we can put aside time for quiet activities in the morning and at the end of the day, we have a smoother tantrum -free day.

So I was excited to try Storyland Yoga with my wee guy and to see what he thought of it. The DVD has 2 programs, ‘Condor Trek – 23:10’ and ‘Save the Whale 18:30’. I let him choose which one he wanted to do, seeing as he is very into both Condors and Whales. He chose the whale adventure, so we popped it in and got going.

It's official, his bow pose is better than mine

Baby sister was not to be left out

What immediately struck me was that the Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor leading the kids was drawing both myself and my little guy in. He understood that we were trying to save the beached whale and was very dedicated in this pursuit. A variety of yoga poses are strung together to make for an adventurous story.

What this Mama Likes

The Yoga Instructor uses simple instructions and the outdoor settings as opposed to a indoor or classroom setting made it feel very real for Mr 4.5 to follow. He didn’t fully get the story the first time around, but it was exciting enough that he wanted to do it again right away! I was unsure as to if he would want to do it again, but we have gone through the DVD a few times over the last 2 weeks. The kids were all of different abilities, so has also helped him as he gets progressively better over time.

It’s amazing to see the relaxing benefits doing yoga has on my son. When we do it in the morning, he tends to be calm and overall happier throughout the day. If we do it in the evening it is equally calming and we usually end up talking about the environment as part of our bedtime talk. I also like that we can do something together that we both enjoy. Though the DVD is for 3-8 year olds, I can still get a good yoga stretch doing it along with him.

As someone who used to do yoga for years, I appreciate that the poses that were incorporated stayed true to yoga.

Produced by Playful Planet, Storyland Yoga is a mom created yoga program empowering kids and their families to be healthy and live sustainably.

Buy it

To find out more about Storyland Yoga or to make a purchase, be sure to visit the Playful Planet website. You can also follow Playful Planet on Facebook or on Twitter. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the DVD are donated to ‘Save the Whales’ and ‘Kids vs Global Warming’ Foundations.

Win it

If you would like to experience the benefits of yoga with your child, here is your chance to win the Storyland Yoga DVD. Simply enter on the easy Rafflecopter below. The only mandatory entry is your email address to contact you in case you win. Of course, the more entries you complete, the more chances you have of winning.  Please note that the sponsor will ship a hard copy DVD to the US and Canada but reserves the right to award a downloadable version to all other countries. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Mamavation Monday: Family Visits and Eating Healthy

For my last Mamavation post, I was concerned as to how having my inlaws to visit would affect what I eat and how often I exercise. I have to say that if anything it has had a positive effect on me. Because I am still breastfeeding, I’m not drinking – though if I were able to indulge in beverages of the alcoholic variety, their would be much more opportunities at the moment. Their is wine with every dinner and a cold beer every afternoon. I’m enjoying not drinking, as I know that the alcohol helps to pack on pounds. Instead, I continue to drink water, lots of water as the city starts to heat up and humidity take over.

On an exercise level, I haven’t been able to keep up as much with my running, I’ve only managed 3 runs over the past week and a bit. But what I’ve found is that I am walking the city heaps, which must compensate for the amount of running I am not doing. I found my pedometer the other day and am planning to start wearing it to get a better idea of how many steps I am actually taking in a day. I love walking, especially when it is with a purpose. I have a hard time just walking for no reason – if I am going to do anything in circles it is going to be running!

On the food side of things, we’ve actually been all very good. Buying a big shop and cooking in every night except for my husband’s birthday night where we went out for seafood.

I’m feeling really jazzed about starting to measure more than just exercise in the coming weeks. I know that food intake and other factors are what are going to help me to achieve some of my fitness goals.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend. What did you get up to?

Lookout for Fatty Friday Back Soon

Please welcome Janet as my guest poster today. I asked he if she would be willing to share her journey through weight loss, and she has been candid enough to share it here with you. I hope you will show her some love – leave a comment, and visit her blog. ~ Ghada

Fatty Friday at GoingCrazy!! WannaGo??!!I talk a little on my blog about my weight loss struggles, but it always helps to share it around in other places. When Ghada said she wanted some guest posts about real life, this is the first thing I thought about. I haven’t updated my own readers about my struggle lately so maybe this will inspire me to get back into gear. :)

Hubby and I started a new eating plan in May 2010 when we were both at our highest. I was 345.6 lbs on May 1, 2010 and he was over 450 lbs. We were working with a company who provided a high protein, little to no carbs, diet combined with weekly weigh-ins, appetite suppressants, and B12/B6 combo shots weekly. Around October/November 2010, I had lost almost 90 lbs and I was somewhere around 255-260. Hubby had lost over 160 lbs and was teetering on going under 300 lbs. Then, the Holidays hit.