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Chuck E. Cheese’s Valentine’s Pinterest Contest #FlatChuckE

UPDATE: Winners have been announced here.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I am so happy to be able to tell you about this ah-MAZING Pinterest Contest that is being sponsored by Chuck E. Cheese’s! If you haven’t been to Chuck E. Cheese’s yet, why not? Chuck E. Cheese’s is a great all-year round place to let the kids (and the kids at heart!) burn off some steam. If you are having the same unconscionably cold temps that we are having in NYC, then Chuck E. Cheese’s is a warm fun place to escape with arcade games and even to have a bite to eat.

How Pin-tastic!

Do you have a Pinterest account? If not, again I say why not? First things first you will need to sign up for a Pinterest account to enter this fantastic contest. But hold on, before you go you probably want to know what you can win.

Five people will win a month’s worth of Family trips to Chuck E. Cheese’s!

It’s really easy to be in to win, so read on and then get to pinning! Contest opens January 31 at 10AM EST and closes on February 12th at 11:59 PM EST.


I'm entering the Dinner with Chuck E. Pinterest Contest! #FlatChuckE

Pin this! Hover over the image in the upper right hand corner!

  1. Follow @ChuckECheese  and @Ghada on Pinterest.
  2. Create a board and title it “Dinner with Chuck E.
  3. Pin the Official Announcement graphic above to your board and tag it #FlatChuckE (by writing #FlatChuckE  in the comments box, you are tagging it).
  4. Pin the downloadable Flat Chuck E. from the Chuck E. Cheese’s website and tag it with #FlatChuckE
  5. Ok, this is where it gets really fun! Print out your Flat Chuck E., dress him up with colored crayons (tinsel, and feathers optional) and then take him for a spin on the town. We’re interested in seeing where you take your Flat Chuck E. Will it be to a playground, a restaurant, a friend’s house? Wherever you go with Flat Chuck E., take a picture then upload it to your board using the “Add” button from within your board. Choose “Upload a Pin” then browse to your picture of Flat Chuck E. out on the town and upload it. You have to tag this one #FlatChuckE as well.  You can upload more than one picture, but you only need one uploaded picture to be in to win. Don’t forget to tag it with #FlatChuckE
  6. You’re done! BUT to be officially entered you MUST link to your board in the comments from this Official Announcement Pin.

Got it? Make sure you’ve pinned the 3 images mentioned in steps 3, 4 and 5 and comment on Pinterest with a link to your pin, it’s that easy. Need inspiration for your board, then check out my example board. Don’t worry, even though I’d like to enter I can’t :)

Good Luck and see you back here on February 15 for the winners announcement.
By submitting your link to the Official Announcement pin, you are agreeing to the Official Contest Rules. Winners will be chosen by a panel  based on creativity (75%); and Pinterest user likes and comments (25%).

Make sure to click on any of the lovely social media buttons below to share this Contest with family and friends. Maybe if they win, they’ll bring you with them! For more great deals from Chuck E. Cheese’s make sure to follow them on Facebook.

disclosure: I have been compensated for hosting this review. As always all opinions are my own and I only share information that I feel will be of value to my readers.

Wordless Wednesday: Star Student

It’s amazing how Kindergarten brings about so many more “firsts”. My wee dude’s first report card!

26 Super Easy Ways to Show Your Kids Love

      1. Make eye contact, even little kids can see what your thinking, how you feel through your eyes
      2. Let them jump on your bed
      3. Say wow and truly be amazed by a story they tell
      4. Give lots of hugs everyday
      5. Say I love you every night
      6. Say I love you every morning
      7. Turn off your phone, tablet, computer and give them your full attention
      8. Go for a walk and see the world through their eyes
      9. Hold up in their bedroom and play with their toys, be silly
      10. Teach your child deep breathing, it is a great skill that will come in handy now and in their adult lives when dealing with stress
      11. Don’t just give them everything they want, teach them the value of everything
      12. Don’t be afraid to say no
      13. Help them explore what they love and find their passion
      14. You can never spoil and child with too many cuddles
      15. Celebrate all achievements, no matter how insignificant they are to you, you’ll be building self-confidence in them for the future
      16. Don’t be afraid to get messy in the kitchen or with paintings
      17. Like Men in Black, wipe your memory everyday. Whatever craziness happened yesterday, forget it. Today is a new day, love your children through new eyes
      18. Remind them how lucky you feel to have them as your child
      19. Make your child laugh, the great thing is that you’ll feel great too
      20. Do what they want to do once in awhile
      21. Don’t ever let your child have to say your name to get get your attention more than 2 times
      22. Play board games, card games or puzzles
      23. When you play a game, let them win
      24. Frame their art work
      25. Keep their homework
      26. Dance together

Board games, though not always played by the rules are always fun

 I’d love to hear how you make sure your child feels love every single day?

Click here to sign up to the Happy Family Project list and receive updates specific to this project .

I’m looking forward to sharing our Happy Family Project with you, and I hope it inspires you to define your family’s happiness too.

What Are You Thankful for? #30Thanks

I’ve always been consumed by the nature of being grateful and thankfulness. For me, it is in my nature to be thankful for who I have in my life and what I have in my life.

I know that my emotional and intellectual compass must be off balance when I start to feel depleted by feelings of why can’t I get that blog opportunity/clothes/stuff/(fill in the blank)? So when those feelings wash over me, I have tricks I pull out to help me focus on all the wonderful things (and especially people!) that I do have in my life. By using some of these techniques, it helps me refocus, re-energize and actually bring about more greatness in my life.

For the last month or so, I have been writing down one to two things I am thankful for at the end of the day. So, seeing as Thanksgiving is this month I thought I would do something different and share it with this community. I will be sharing one thing that I am thankful for each day on the Mama Goes BAM Facebook pageTwitter and/or Instagram. I don’t want to tie myself down to one medium to express what I am thankful for. Some days I will post a picture, some days it will just be one sentence. I’m not trying to add one more thing to my evergrowing to-do list, so I’m keeping it simple:

One picture or One sentence per day about something/someone I am thankful for #30Thanks

I hope that you will join me! Starting November 1, I will be tagging all pictures and sentences of thankfulness with #30Thanks and hope to have a thread everyday on Facebook for you to add yours. If you participate just even one day or all month, tag your thankfulness statement or picture with #30Thanks so that I can see it.

Think of it as my Thanksgiving gift to you! Trust me, you’ll go to sleep feeling better knowing that you have something to be thankful for, instead of having feelings of resentment and sadness about what you don’t have.

Mindmap Your Happiness

Happiness is swinging at the park like a child

Mr BAM and I have always been good at forward thinking. Looking at where we want our lives to go and how we plan on getting there. Things don’t always go to plan, but at least we try! And sometimes things not going to plan is not always a bad thing.  As a couple that ran a business together, we made a regular thing of planning out business goals from year to year. Now that each of us in on separate career paths, we don’t plan out the business instead we map out our happiness.

There is something about writing goals and aspirations down. First, it clears my head and second it makes dreams seem like they just might come true.

There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.

– Douglas Everett

Our Happy Family Project

Have you ever had that feeling that you are jack of all trades and master of none? Some days, when the kids are in bed I look back at all I have accomplished for the day and marvel to myself at how many places I’ve been, people I’ve interacted with and things I’ve tried to cross of my list. There is a little nagging voice in the back of my mind that scolds me for congratulating myself on all that I have done. Mainly because I feel like I am rushing through what I do – not necessarily enjoying it, or even taking the time to savor the moment. There is alot of “doing” and not necessarily so much creating.

I’m so happy I have started running again, but the other morning I managed to do a 50 minute loop, start my cool down and realize that I barely remember breathing in and enjoying the fresh air. I barely remember seeing the changing leaves around me. Why? because my brain was swirling with all the blog posts I needed to do, what needed to be returned to Mr P’s kindergarten teacher in the morning, how I was going to make the time to have fun with my 2 littlies. Yes, I am trying to arrange my schedule so that I have time to “have fun” – sounds fun, right?

And don’t forget Mr BAM, how do we provide so much love to our 2 beautiful children and still have the energy to be good to ourselves and kind to one another. Sometimes we pass like ships in the night. He comes home just in time for dinner and the kids clamber him for hugs and kisses. I sneak off to do a few of the house chores I wasn’t able to do all day. Then, we start the “wind down for sleep” dance. Bath, stories, homework check, and sometimes we literally have a song and dance as a family in the living room. We’re both exhausted by the time the kids are in bed, we catch up on our day and invariable I will have work to do, or Mr BAM will want to curl up with a book…I wish I could curl up with a book.

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you are the world.