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3 Things I wish I’d Done Differently as a Mom

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope that if even for just a few minutes today you get the chance to celebrate you! I don’t know what is in store for my Mother’s Day except that I will happily be spending it with m 2 precious kids and Mr BAM. I try not to live a life full of regrets, but when it comes to my kids, sometimes I can’t help but think about how I could have done things or should’ve done things differently. Hey, it’s one thing to mess up your own path in life, but altogether another thing when you have your children’s future in the palm of your hands. Oh mother guilt! Some days I think I could write a book on it…or at least a few chapters.
But look at them, they look pretty happy don’t they?
After a particularly long and stressful week, with babysitter/nanny issues, deadlines at work, Little Miss recovering from a cold and passing it on to me, and Mr BAM traveling for work, I started to ask  myself if anything I was doing in life was actually getting accomplished at a level satisfactory enough to the high bar I set for myself. It’s good to examine your life every once and awhile, make sure that things that are taking over your life are actually making you happy. But just yesterday, I also realized that it is good to cut myself some slack.
But in an effort to bear it all, and show that I too am just a mom trying to do it all (whatever that elusive ‘all’ is), it’s not always easy and I wish I had the magic formula that made sure at any given time I was equally loving and being loved while feeling happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Wordless Wednesday: Kids Give so Much

Don’t you just hate when the kiddos are sick, but love all the extra kisses and cuddles you get? The other thing I hate is that we parents invariably end up with some sort of weakened immunity…Yep, that’s me this week, thanks to Little Miss being sick last week :( Kids give so much…including their germs!

Family Travel Sleep Tips for Kids on the Open Road

Tips to help kids nap on roadtrips

We’ve all played endless rounds of I spy with my little eye or had sing-a-longs on road trips, but sometimes the easiest thing for everyone involved is for the kids to sleep peacefully in the back seat. If the trip is short enough and relative to their normal nap time, crafting it so that your little darlings fall asleep might just be the best thing to do. Even with toddlers who no longer take naps, the lull of the engine purring out on the open road could very well send them off to lala land.

An illustrated Easter Classic


If you are taking time out with family this Easter, enjoy…in moderation :)

Medication Safety: Keeping Your Kids Safe at Home

With a 16 month old and a 5 year old in the house, it is sometimes hard to keep up with how quickly they are growing everyday. Each of them is as inquisitive and industrious as the other – when they want to get to something or do something, they come up with every trick in the book. Just recently, my 5 ear old surprised me with his bottle of vitamins alerting me to it being time to take his regular dose. I was gobsmacked! He wasn’t meant to be able to reach his vitamins, they were sitting in a cupboard alongside cold & flu medication as well as other far from kid-friendly pills. I’ve since changed where I put these harmful pills, as I realize how easy it was for him to grab his step stool and get into this potentially dangerous cupboard.

Taming a Natural Beauty’s Natural Hair

My children are blessed with beautiful caramel colored skin, thanks to the mixed influence of my dark skin and the fair complexion of Mr BAM. They have the best of both world’s with my Bajan origins (my parents are from Barbados) and Mr BAM’s Kiwi origin (from New Zealand). They have the culture, stories and inspirational grand-parents and great-grandparents to boot. The one downside to this mixed up family is the resulting hair of Mr P and Little Miss. Ok, I don’t want to call it a downside – it’s fun, it’s crazy curly…and strait, and wavy, soft and textured all at once. Oy! How am I to tame the curls?