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Can I Make You Laugh for a Moment?

☆☆ Thanks to everyone who voted! We won! ☆☆

A couple of weeks ago I had this grand idea of creating a video entry for a Contest to win 7 nights accommodation in Orlando, Florida. Well, the grand idea didn’t really go off as planned thanks to the 2 mini-me’s :) But in the end I think the result was still quite funny and it is has made us a finalist in the contest!

I wasn’t going to post this here, but we are now neck in neck with one other entrant and actually have a chance of winning. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, I’d love it if you could do a one-time vote for our family. I could tell you that we “really deserve” a break, but hey don’t all families! All I can hope is that as you wander over to Facebook you’ll take the time to vote for us :)

I’d really appreciate it and can’t thank you enough in advance. Voting closes Friday, September 21 at noon EST (super soon!).

Here is a sneak at the video, when your done laughing (I hope!) Head over to Global Resort Homes on Facebook, “like” the page and then click “vote” next to the “Ghada V” video.

Thanks again and enjoy!

The Problem with BlogHer was the Bloggers #BlogHer12

My BlogHer started with a private party sponsored by Collective Bias

Or was it the venue? Or was it the amount of Private Parties? Maybe it was the BlogHer sanctioned parties? Their has been a barrage of ‘What went wrong with BlogHer12’ blog posts that I have refused to read until I could write my own wrap up. Of course the murmurings on Twitter and Facebook were hard to ignore, so I thought I must must must get some of my thoughts out before I attend my second ever Blog Conference. BlogHer and the Conference I am on my way to are completely different beasts, it won’t be like comparing apples to apples – and really it is not my intention to compare them. But, I’m sure when they are both over, somewhere in my subconscious  I will make a comparison.

BlogHer offered me some huge learnings, and most of them didn’t happen in the seminars or while watching a panel. One of the things I learnt at BlogHer relates to compassion. I’ve always been obsessed with the notion of compassion and it has only been heightened since moving to New York. I still believe that New York is not the rudest city in the world. Though its inhabitants can clearly be more forthright and bold than people of other North American cities. I’ve even noticed a change in my way of dealing with people now that I live here. We all rush around getting from point A to B, and I’ve seen it countless time, the woman who berates the check out girl who doesn’t check out her order quick enough, the bus driver who looks at me blankly when I say ‘good morning’ as I step on his bus, the businessman who bumps shoulders with the doddering older person as he walks by swiftly – not even attempting a backwards glance and mock apology.

Clean Streak Free Floors Thanks to Hoover

The Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop is a great addition to our house. We have hard wood floors through the entire house except for vinyl flooring in the kitchen and a small patch of carpet at the front door. The Twin Tank Steam Mop makes it easy to zip through the whole house in no time. And now I finally have something that I can whip out to quickly clean the carpet without needing a mop and a vacuum.

The first thing I noticed when it arrived was that it is really light weight, which is also obvious when pushing it around. It just glides over the floor and because of its shape, it fits into corners easily.

The first time I tried it out, I used just the water steam without the cleaning solution that comes with it. I’ve never had a steam mop before, so this was definitely a step up from an old school mop. I added the water to the tank at the front, plugged it in and within just a few seconds the ready light came on. The steam cleaned up the floors without leaving any streaks and the floors felt smoother, free of the dust that manual mops usually leave behind. It even pulled up a few “mystery” sticky spots like squished in raisins.

Wordless Wednesday: My Hoover is So Quiet

My Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop is so quiet my baby can sleep through it

I had a little fun while working through a review for an eShakti dress and a Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop. You can read the full review for the Hoover here and get the story behind this picture too.

My Favorite Keep Calm Sayings for National Relaxation Day

Happy National Relaxation Day! I hope that you take the time to breathe and find enjoyment in your day. We should do this EVERY single day! But today at least you have an excuse, it’s a national holiday. I love the whole Keep Calm thing, in fact one of my favorite coffee cups is  Keep Calm and Carry on. Below are a few of my favorite twists on this old favorite.

And don’t forget to head over to the Mama goes BAM Facebook page to gift a friend premium Kusmi Tea, and get them to gift you too! The fun begins TODAY at 10AM.

What a fantastic way to celebrate National Relaxation Day thanks to DropGifts and Kusmi Tea.

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New Cake Lingerie Website and Collection

I posted about Cake Lingerie awhile ago as they are my FAVE maternity wear. I wore their bras while I was pregnant both times around and continue to wear them now while I am breastfeeding. The selection is stellar – pretty, sexy and comfortable.

From the "Shortbread" Collection

They have just launched a new line and a sleek new website at

The new styles are inspired by the wonderful array of colours and tastes found in a Candy Shop!
From the smooth textures and tastes of the essential creams and caramels – to the rich and exciting essence of sweet candy and packaging, this collection provides a selection for every taste bud, function and trimester!
Be among the first 500 people to shop from the new site and you will receive a LIMITED EDITION Cake Lingerie cupcake bag!
Happy Shopping!