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Home Office Design Inspiration from Dwell Studio and HP

I was invited to a Home Office makeover event with HP and home design expert Christiane Lemieux, who is also the Founder and Creative Director of  Dwell Studio in SoHo, Manhattan. As a mother herself, she has an interesting perspective on home design. She mentioned the same challenges that all the other moms in the room faced with carving out a working space at home, while juggling space for your kids to be kids! Most of us in the room were New York based, so space constraints proved to be our biggest difficulties. As a thanks for taking part in the exclusive blogger event, I was provided with a HP Photosmart 6520 e-All-in-One printer, thank you so much HP! As a side note, I also love meeting fellow Canadians  (Christiane is from Ottawa!) who have branched out and as a bonus doing so well! 

– photo from Zach Jopling

I’m working with HP to offer all kinds of great home-office makeover ideas. was founded on the premise of inspiring beauty within the home, and HP makes it easier and more affordable to create a home office environment that is fun, productive and stylish.

Christiane Lemieux, Founder and Creative Director of Dwell Studio

A Heavy Hearted More FITNESS Half Marathon Recap

I ran the More/Fitness Women’s Half Marathon on Sunday, April 14 and it is a day I will never forget. It will go down in history for me as crossing something off my bucket list that I have wanted to do for a very long time. Though it was my 3rd half marathon, it was the first time that I was running in an all women’s race and in New York City to boot. Two and a third loops of Central Park and I was done

I was so excited about writing this recap, but subsequent horrific and deadly events at the Boston Marathon the next day numbed me, left me unable to write this until now. It’s nearly a week later and my brain is still reeling, my heart is till very heavy. I have spent the past week since my half marathon stretching, doing yoga and walking. I haven’t ran yet, to be honest the ‘thought’ of it makes me a little sad rather than energizing me. I think my body was ready to run again on Thursday, but emotionally I just have not been ready to. On Sunday, I’ve booked myself in for an easy 5 miles. I’m sure it will do me some good both physically as well as emotionally to put the anger and sadness that I have felt post Boston behind me.

Besides the carnage, loss of life and senselessness of it all, the thing that really shook me personally was how  elated I was to have my family cheering me on at the finish line. Mr BAM, Mr P (5 years old) and Little Miss (17 months) were so happy to see me, and I them. I can only imagine how heartbroken it would be to feel responsible as a runner for the injury or death or your personal cheering squad. Mr BAM and I have since talked about future races. Would I expect to see them at the finish line? How would he feel about brining the kids to one of my races? It’s all still blurry but hopefully time will heal all.

The quote above was taken from Kathrine Switzer, the first women ever to official enter and run the Boston Marathon. I thoroughly recommend you read her book, Marathon Woman. It’s a phenomenal read for any woman facing societal challenges and striving to carve out her own path – I  promise, you don’t need to be a runner to enjoy this, strong women only! And if you are a runner then it is a MUST read to understand how easy we have it nowadays as female runners. I chose to share the quote because once upon a time, it was so true – the events in Boston have changed this, but hopefully as a community we will get back there.

Now onto the recap…

Free Blogger Event: Mother’s Day BOB Revolution SE Jogging Stroller Giveaway


Hosted by Mama Goes BAM and sponsored by Britax/BOB. The event will run for 2 weeks from May 1-12. One winner in the Continental US Only will win a brand new BOB Revolution SE valued at $360.00 in the exact plum color as pictured above. I will be writing up a review before the giveaway starts, but in the meantime you can vist the BOB Revolution SE page to find out more about this awesome stroller.

I am looking for bloggers to host the rafflecopter in exchange for a Twitter or Pinterest link on the Rafflecopter (please only one link per person). I will email the details for the post and the Rafflecopter link on Monday, April 29. Signups for this event close Sunday, April 28 at 8PM.

If you have any questions, please email me directly at ghada (at) mamagoesbam (dot) com and I will get back in touch as soon as possible.

Just fill out the linky below to be included and make sure that you include your email address, as that is my only way of contacting you with all the details for the event.

Thanks for joining!

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Weight Loss with Shaklee 180™ More than Just Numbers

A month has passed since I first told you that I was starting on my 6 month journey with the Shaklee 180™ weight management program. I Started March 1 with the program, replacing 2 meals per day with smoothies or bars and eating one healthy meal usually at dinner. My snacking has returned to more healthful eating of fruits and vegetables instead of hectic snacking on junk food, calorie rich foods with really no nutritional benefit do not even enter into this house anymore.

Cutting out the sugary daily treats means that I dropped 6 pounds quickly in the first 2 weeks. The weight continued to drop over the last 2 weeks of the month as I upped my running and strength training for next week’s More FITNESS Half Marathon. I’m thrilled with the results in terms of the numbers, but I’ve also learnt that weight loss is definitely about more than just numbers and I talk about this in the video below.

Look Ma! No (or at least very little) back fat!

Taming a Natural Beauty’s Natural Hair

My children are blessed with beautiful caramel colored skin, thanks to the mixed influence of my dark skin and the fair complexion of Mr BAM. They have the best of both world’s with my Bajan origins (my parents are from Barbados) and Mr BAM’s Kiwi origin (from New Zealand). They have the culture, stories and inspirational grand-parents and great-grandparents to boot. The one downside to this mixed up family is the resulting hair of Mr P and Little Miss. Ok, I don’t want to call it a downside – it’s fun, it’s crazy curly…and strait, and wavy, soft and textured all at once. Oy! How am I to tame the curls?

Kellogg’s Share Breakfast Movement Believes in the Power of Breakfast

Kellog's Share Breakfast Campaign logo

The Kellogg’s Share Breakfast Movement is on a mission to show families how a wholesome breakfast can help kids reach their full potential every day. As a former teacher, I have seen how poorly kids can perform in school when they do not start their day off with a proper nutritional breakfast. One of the most memorable speeches I heard while I was in teacher training was from an elementary school principal who described the Belly, Heart, Brain theory. He likened it to a Maslow’s Theory for unlocking a child’s full potential. Basically, if a child’s belly wasn’t full and their hearts not brimming with love, we as teachers would not be able to fill their minds. As a teacher, it was our duty to reach out to the child’s family and figure out what was missing from the Belly and Heart part of the equation – without these 2 things being full, their would be no way for us to fill their brains with literature, drama, math and phys ed class no matter how interesting we made it.

Through my time as a teacher, seeing the signs of the child whose belly was not full was often times easy. You see, parents of these children dropped them off at school, showered them with kisses and even told them they loved them. Their hearts were full with love, but clearly their bellies were growling. Inability to concentrate, tiredness and moodiness were just some of the heartbreaking traits I witnessed. Thankfully, I didn’t see this too often but when I did, I always wished a proper program was in place to help these children get the proper breakfast they needed.

Fast forward to over a decade later and it warms my heart to know that my son’s school offers a free, no questions asked breakfast program each and every school day.  We’re fortunate that we have not had to take up this offer, but programs like these are not offered nationwide, but they should be.

Nearly one in five children across our communities go without breakfast.

– Kellogg’s Share Breakfast