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10 Tips for Eating Out When You’re On a Diet

That’s me at Sesame Place eating a salad with grilled chicken and dressing on the side. In the end I didn’t even use the dressing and it would’ve been just as easy (but less friendly on my waistline) to order pizza, french fries or tacos.

Hopefully if you are dieting, you are on a sensible program that is helping you to change the way you eat and see food. Not a crash diet that forces you to starve yourself or has an unrealistically expectations of a low caloric intake that has your bod tired all the time. Here’s a secret, if you are dieting to bring about a change for the long term, then guess what…

A good weight loss program will teach you the tools to eating properly not just while you are dieting, but the future as well.

I am in no way a doctor, and nor do I pretend to be one on this blog. These 10 tips for eating out while you are dieting are based solely on my personal experiences.

25 Things No One Tells You about Sesame Place

We had the pleasure of going to Sesame Place in Langhorne Philadelphia for my birthday weekend. It was our first time and Mr BAM and I agreed it was perfect for our kids (Mr P nearly 6 and Little Miss 20 months).  The drive from NYC is an easy breezy hour and a half if you go straight or a little longer if you detour to rest stops. Definitely short enough for busy toddlers.

Their were water slides, roller coasters, carousels and a ton more dry rides. We really enjoyed all the opportunities to get up close and personal with the kids’ (and our!) favorite characters. Once you get one cuddle with Elmo or Abby Cadabby you just can’t get enough! We discovered a few tips and tricks just by trial and error and amazing intuition that really made the trip awesome.

I hope these help you have as great a time at Sesame Place as we did.

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1. Sunscreen, a hat and water shoes are a must. Without watershoes, you’ll burn your feet lining up for popular rides like Sky Splash on the concrete steps

11 Reasons to Stay at Family-Friendly SpringHill Suites Philadelphia Langhorne

I recently had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday at the SpringHill Suites Philadelphia Langhorne. I can’t thank them enough for the complimentary stay and for being part of an unforgettable birthday. With just an hour and a half drive from New York city, it makes for a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is not always easy to find time for an extended vacation with the family, so getting away close by to the closest hotel to Sesame Place is a pretty good idea for a nearcation for a family of four with 2 kids under 6.

Elmo was waiting for us with a bouquet of flowers!

Here are just a few reasons why I’d recommend SpringHill Suites Philadelphia Langhorne for your next family-friendly stay.

1. Complimentary 24 hour valet service. This may not seem like a big deal when you have kids and are not likely to be out and about at all hours of the night, but trust me this valet service is more than meets the eye. As our very first point of contact with the hotel, the valet were helpful, almost like a mini-tourist desk. It is also nice to have free parking. The front desk staff was equally as friendly, but you don’t normally expect that level of service from the valet staff.

2. Did you catch what I said above, yep that’s right SpringHill Suites Philadelphia Langhorne is the closest hotel to the ever popular Sesame Place. Just park your car, put on your bathing suit and follow the path less than 10 minutes from the front desk to the Sesame Place gate. So convenient if you need to duck back for an afternoon nap so the kids can stay awake til the night time parade at 9PM and close the park with their favorite furry animals. We were happy to be able to stroll over to bed rather than deal with the traffic of everyone driving home. Less travel with kids that late at night, means less chances of a meltdown!

The heart marks the spot! That's how close SpringHill Suites Philadelphia Langhorne is to Sesame Place

Gorgeous Handmade Bags for Little Adventurers

Living in Brooklyn without a car, our little family does alot of subway travel as well as travel on foot. My Little Miss and Mr P love to travel with little action figures, sketch pads, pencils and crayons. Part of our get ready to go routine involves the kids picking out 2-3 items that they want to bring with them, and we want to help keep them entertained on the road. As Mr P has just finished his first year at school (kindergarten graduate ya’ll!) he is becoming ever more and more independent – in other words, he likes to carry his own stuff.

So when my friend Jacqui  from Mee a Bee offered to send us her beautiful handmade bags, one for each I said, yes please! I met Jacqui virtually several years ago as we are both entrepreneurial moms linked by New Zealand. Jacqui is a Kiwi (New Zealander) living in Japan,  and I was living in New Zealand at the time. I have always loved Jacqui’s bags!

Little Miss loves wearing hers everywhere from the park to around the house.

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I am blown away by the quality of the bags, as has been everyone who compliments the kids on them at the park. Handmade, made with love and care, these bags rival any big manufacturer.

Mee a Bee is for children and parents who love adventure. Created by hand in Japan you can rest assured you’re buying something different and very special. Each bag starts with a base of natural cotton or linen. To that I add a specially selected whimsical printed fabric flap. The finishing touch is the soft colorful strap chosen to really make the design pop!

– Jacqui,

You can catch up with Jacqui through her etsy store and choose a pattern to suit your child’s personality. I also like seeing more of her handmade bags and Japan adventures with kids on her instagram @meeabee.

In My Closet: Runners Shoe Choices for Everyday

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Running is known to take a toll on the individual’s body. Now, I am not saying that you shouldn’t pick up running. Running is a fantastic sport that you can practice on your own, as part of a team or both. But, it is important to remember that if you are going to take up running regularly, you should find out how to run. Sure, just wanting to head out the door is important, but you do need to have a proper runner’s gate, work on a proper heel strike, etc…otherwise you will quickly suffer foot pain – trust me, been there, done that! Some other ways to minimize foot pain are as follows:

  • work on your core (yes, work those abs!) that will help your posture, which will in turn help the way you run.
  • make sure shoes fit correctly, both running shoes and everyday shoes
  • increase your mileage gradually. Don’t start day one running 5 miles at top speed, get your body accustomed to the new activity. Try the Couch to 5K program from Cool Running, that’s how I went from zero to half marathon runner in less than a year
  • Don’t live in high-heels, they may be cute but not great for your feet

I’ve become very particular about point number 2 above. My everyday shoes and running shoes have to be super comfortable. The image above shows some of the shoes that make up my everyday life and though all functional, they are all also very cute!

July Fitness Photo-A-Day-Challenge #BAMFitPhotoADay

I’ve tried doing a photo-a-day challenge in the past, but for some reason have never finished out the month. I do take oodles of pictures everyday on my phone, but sometimes I don’t make the time to post them either. I’m really enjoying Instagram at the moment, even more so now that Instagram have added video (with filters!) to the mix.

So, in an effort to keep connecting with all of YOU via Instagram and to continue to motivate myself as I start month 5 of 6 on Shaklee 180™ I have created my very on Photo-A-Day Fitness Challenge for July!

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Each day is meant to be easy enough to do, even if you aren’t having your most all out fit day! I’m not trying to make this hard work, just trying to have fun, connect and inspire others (and myself!) to get and stay active.

I hope you’ll join along and I look forward to seeing your photos.

Wanna join the July Photo-A-Day Fitness Challenge?

  • Make sure to save the photo above to your computer, phone or even consider pinning it so others will find it.
  • Do as many or as little days as you want. It’s not a challenge against anyone else but yourself.
  • Follow me on instagram. I‘m @ghadav, say hi and I will follow you back.
  • Share your photos or videos wherever else you want, I’ll also be sharing them on Twitter under @OMGhada
  • Get out there, get active, eat right, click your pics/videos and share!

Looking forward to a healthy and active July, hope you are too!