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Gorgeous Handmade Bags for Little Adventurers

Living in Brooklyn without a car, our little family does alot of subway travel as well as travel on foot. My Little Miss and Mr P love to travel with little action figures, sketch pads, pencils and crayons. Part of our get ready to go routine involves the kids picking out 2-3 items that they want to bring with them, and we want to help keep them entertained on the road. As Mr P has just finished his first year at school (kindergarten graduate ya’ll!) he is becoming ever more and more independent – in other words, he likes to carry his own stuff.

So when my friend Jacqui  from Mee a Bee offered to send us her beautiful handmade bags, one for each I said, yes please! I met Jacqui virtually several years ago as we are both entrepreneurial moms linked by New Zealand. Jacqui is a Kiwi (New Zealander) living in Japan,  and I was living in New Zealand at the time. I have always loved Jacqui’s bags!

Little Miss loves wearing hers everywhere from the park to around the house.

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I am blown away by the quality of the bags, as has been everyone who compliments the kids on them at the park. Handmade, made with love and care, these bags rival any big manufacturer.

Mee a Bee is for children and parents who love adventure. Created by hand in Japan you can rest assured you’re buying something different and very special. Each bag starts with a base of natural cotton or linen. To that I add a specially selected whimsical printed fabric flap. The finishing touch is the soft colorful strap chosen to really make the design pop!

– Jacqui,

You can catch up with Jacqui through her etsy store and choose a pattern to suit your child’s personality. I also like seeing more of her handmade bags and Japan adventures with kids on her instagram @meeabee.

PishPosh Mommy: Organization for the on-the-go Mommy

I remember being pregnant with Mr P and trying to build my baby registry. It’s all so foreign and the best way to find products that work is to ask the advice of moms who have gone before you. The diaper bag was one item that no two moms will give you the same advice on. Some moms want function and don’t care about fashion, some want a bag big enough to carry everything but the kitchen sink, others don’t want their diaper bag to look like a diaper bag. I remember settling on a backpack style diaper bag, reasoning that function definitely trumped all other features of a diaper bag. When I actually started carrying my diaper bag backpack, I was disappointed. I wanted the leather handbags I used to carry – in rich purple and blue faux leather, not this horrible school kid like backpack in bright green – yuck! It absolutely clashed with everything.

I recently met PishPosh Mommy at the Brookly Baby Expo and was introduced to their Quickzip Carryall Organizer. Now this, this is the perfect solution for keeping your handbag identity while still having it function as a diaper bag. With several internal pockets, an internal zippered pocket as well as external pockets, the carryall makes it easy to store diapers, wipes, creams, toys and bottles and sippy cups – zip it all up and then drop it in your normal coveted handbag. The pockets inside a diaper bag are what make them necessary – but with the PishPosh Mommy Carryall, you carry these internal pockets with you from bag to bag – no need to sacrifice style!

In My Closet: Runners Shoe Choices for Everyday

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Running is known to take a toll on the individual’s body. Now, I am not saying that you shouldn’t pick up running. Running is a fantastic sport that you can practice on your own, as part of a team or both. But, it is important to remember that if you are going to take up running regularly, you should find out how to run. Sure, just wanting to head out the door is important, but you do need to have a proper runner’s gate, work on a proper heel strike, etc…otherwise you will quickly suffer foot pain – trust me, been there, done that! Some other ways to minimize foot pain are as follows:

  • work on your core (yes, work those abs!) that will help your posture, which will in turn help the way you run.
  • make sure shoes fit correctly, both running shoes and everyday shoes
  • increase your mileage gradually. Don’t start day one running 5 miles at top speed, get your body accustomed to the new activity. Try the Couch to 5K program from Cool Running, that’s how I went from zero to half marathon runner in less than a year
  • Don’t live in high-heels, they may be cute but not great for your feet

I’ve become very particular about point number 2 above. My everyday shoes and running shoes have to be super comfortable. The image above shows some of the shoes that make up my everyday life and though all functional, they are all also very cute!

Taming a Natural Beauty’s Natural Hair

My children are blessed with beautiful caramel colored skin, thanks to the mixed influence of my dark skin and the fair complexion of Mr BAM. They have the best of both world’s with my Bajan origins (my parents are from Barbados) and Mr BAM’s Kiwi origin (from New Zealand). They have the culture, stories and inspirational grand-parents and great-grandparents to boot. The one downside to this mixed up family is the resulting hair of Mr P and Little Miss. Ok, I don’t want to call it a downside – it’s fun, it’s crazy curly…and strait, and wavy, soft and textured all at once. Oy! How am I to tame the curls?

How I’m Keeping My Running Resolutions

I announced last week that I am back in the running game! We have had a warm winter (until now) and this minus the colds and tummy bugs, means I have really been enjoying running regularly again 3-4 times per week. But suddenly over the past couple of days, the thermometers in NYC have plummeted, the weatherman threatens snow every night, though in reality we’ve only seen “flurries” for 2 minutes at a time that look like someone is shaking their teddy bear stuffing out.

Growing up in Canada, I think I kinda have a greater tolerance to cold. I don’t like it, but I can hack it. This last couple of days have been treacherous for my half marathon running plan. I’ve put off running and switched my program around 3 days now for fear of freezing my big butt off in the cold. I actually like running in the cold I have a history of overheating, but this weather…This weather is inhumane and hard to dress correctly for. Do I layer? How many layers? Merino and cotton or maybe the other way around? And don’t get me started on my poor poor fingers, no running glove can match these icy temps *cue tiny violins*

So I sit here procrastinating from going to bed. I NEED to get this done, my body has had a rest day, a fun workout day on the Wii (Just Dance, baby!) and even a stint of planks and other ab work. Now its time to get back to business. So in the AM, I am going to put my trusty YMCA membership into action and hit the subway at 5:45 AM…Yep, that’s when I normally start pounding pavement. Instead, I’ll be riding the F train 2 stops before I arrive at the Y to face my nemesis the Dreadmill. Wish me luck!

Its kinda timely that I decided to write this post about how I’m keeping my running resolution in check…

Twitter Party! Holiday Fashion Legwear with Duane Reade #DRLegwear

If you live in New York, surely you have noticed the transformation that Duane Reade has undergone in the last year with elegant LOOK Boutiques now brightening up their flagship stores. Your local Duane Reade is fast becoming a girl’s best friend thanks to not only LOOK Boutiques but also their new Duane Reade branded legwear! Yes, you heard right, this iconic shop now also carries tights, pantyhose, leggings – fishnets, jeggings, chevron patterns, trouser socks and so much more.