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Tips for Rocking Your First Color Run

I finally ran my first color run this weekend, THE original color run. The one that I pinned years ago on Pinterest and knew that I wanted to do one day. The Color Run came to Brooklyn this weekend and originally I was meant to run it with a girlfriend. In the end she wasn’t able to make it, but in the meantime Mr BAM decided he wanted to run it and I discovered while reading their FAQs that kids 5 and under run The Color Run for free and strollers are allowed (the tips are starting already ya’ll, take note!).

Driving in New York is Easy with Kia Rio

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I had the pleasure of test driving a Kia Rio SX 2013, the latest sporty addition to this family of compact, fuel-efficient cars. Over the space of a week, I was able to see how a car could fit into my daily routine. Though Mr BAM and I have toyed with purchasing a car in the past, in this city of fast drivers and heavy traffic we are always a little unsure about buying a car while living in Brooklyn.

In our family of 4, Little Miss is in a front-facing carseat and Mr P has a booster seat. We like to travel around the 5 boroughs most weekends, and have actually still not visited many of the city’s best kid’s attraction because, well, we don’t have permanent access to a car! Heading the Bronx Zoo for example would take well over 2 hours by public transport. See why we need to seriously consider a car?

A Family Walk Through Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO

On a sunny weekend day when I am looking to relax,  you will easily find me and the family heading either 15 minutes south to the Beach or 15 minutes North to DUMBO. DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This artistically charming neighborhood in Brooklyn is home to some of the city’s most famed artists and fashion designers as well as pizza at Grimaldi’s, the amazing Jane’s Carousel housed within the Brooklyn Bridge Park, the weekly outdoor food fest known as Smorgasburg and the decadent home of Jacques Torres Chocolate.

DUMBO is also clearly a great vantage point to catch some of the best views back into Manhattan from between the larger than life Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.

Can you see the One World Trade Center in the background?

Tips for a Successful Family Photography Shoot

I recently had  family photos taken at Coney Island. I was sooo looking forward to the experience as we have never had family photos done. The weather conditions were not as we hoped for at the beginning of April, but that didn’t really matter as our photographer was so good at putting us all at ease. Mr P warmed to her instantly, and his bright personality shone through in his time in front of the camera.
Besides having a professional photographer that is great at setting expectations and keeping everyone relaxed, I asked our photographer Rachel from Rachel Knowles Photography what else a family can do to make their photography session successful.

The most common question I find myself getting asked as a photographer is “What should we wear?” I’ve put together a list of tips and tricks that can help any family getting ready for a family photo shoot.

The Duane Reade App Simplifies Shopping in New York

The great thing about shopping at Duane Reade is that you can often check many items that you need to buy off your list in the one location. From snacks and drinks, to baby care items and even pantyhose, its often an easy solution for finding what you need at the last minute.

Now that you can download the new Duane Reade iPhone app from the iTunes store, Duane Reade has made life even more convenient before you even walk through the door.

Thanks to Duane Reade for bringing this app to my attention so that I could review it for you,  New Yorkers take note, the Duane Reade App should be on your phone. If you are traveling to New York, I’d recommend this free app be on your iPhone  as well, it’s convenient to know where a Duane Reade is located at any given time as you can pick up over the counter and prescription medecine, as well as food, personal hygiene items and even gifty type items like greeting cards.

My top uses for the Duane Reade App

Photo printingIf you are like me, you have a ton of photos of your kids, what you do in a day, and even what you eat all on your phone. It’s incredible how much mundane and truly awesome photos I have taken over time. I’m getting better at deleting the mundane ones  – after I have bored people on instagram:) but the memorable, sweet ones of the kids enjoying life or a moment shared between Little Miss and Mr P sit on my phone untouched. With the Duane Reade App, it is so simple to choose the photos I want to print, send them off to my closest Duane Reade and then find out how much it will cost and when the photos will be ready for pickup. Easy right?

This has inspired me to put 2 new picture frames in our bedroom and swap out the images every month for new ones. It’s so simple and it doesn’t cost much to bring the photo memories from my phone to life!

Choose your photos, select your store, find out when prints are ready!

Wordless Wednesday: The Greatest Show on Earth in Brooklyn

Our entire family had never been to the a traditional circus performance before. Though we had to leave Little Miss at home cause it was a little too late at night, we all had an unforgettable night! The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Built to Amaze Show was truly spectacular! From the dancing elephants, to the acrobatic couples, their were laughs and true amazement from all of us. Check out a few of my pics from the Brooklyn show at the Barclays Center, and check their website for the dates they are playing in your area.

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