A to Z Challenge: F is for French Canada

Today’s letter is brought to you by the letter F for French Canada. I was born and raised in Montreal, which is affectionately known as French Canada. In no other city do people talk about being a Francophone or being bilingual as much as they do in Quebec. Language became a huge issue in the 80’s. So much so a movement for Quebec to separate from Canada had a resurgence and a vote was called to see if Quebecers supported the move. Separatists were prepared to create their own Quebec currency, passports and become their own self-sustaining countries. Common sense only just prevailed with separatists losing the vote 49% to 51%.

Quebec’s French influence is beautiful in so far as the cobbled roads of Old Montreal and Vieux Quebec, our red wine drinking culture and fashion sense is beautiful and loved by so many who live there and tourists. But the side of Quebec that is overcome by politics and hatred is not.

Have you ever been to any parts of Quebec?

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